Elden Ring has now got a Photo Mode. Unfortunately, there’s a catch.

Whether you’re finding all of the Golden Seeds in Elden Ring. Or, trying to find some great early weapons, we all agree that Elden Ring is a great looking game.

However, it’s hard to capture those moments in-game, with no Photo Mode natively on any platform.

Players on one platform now have access to a Photo Mode. But it does require a workaround.

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How to Unlock Photo Mode in Elden Ring

Players on PC can now use Photo Mode in Elden Ring, however, they must download a mod first.

Developed by Otis_Inf, the aptly named Elden Ring Photomode Mod allows players to screenshot their best moments.

Before downloading the mod, you must disable anti-cheat due to the multiplayer components of Elden Ring.

The mod features Camera Control, Time-Stop / Pause Control, Sun Light Direction and more. While it’s a shame it’s not developed into the game, it’s useful for those looking to take virtual photographs.

Otis_Inf has released the mod for free until March 10. If you’re hoping to use the mod, make sure to get it before it becomes a paid download.

While it’s nice to be able to use a Photo Mode, losing the ability to summon players for bosses may make the game more difficult for some.

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