If you’re a PC player who is suffering from the Elden Ring 60 FPS cap, why not remove the limitation entirely?

Elden Ring is finally here, and the latest FromSoftware title is everything we hoped it would be. For new players, the game’s open-world offers a plethora of areas to explore, bosses to fight, and items to discover, allowing them to circumvent some of the usual challenges posed in a Miyazaki game.

For Soulsbourne veterans, Elden Ring might just offer the most difficult experience yet, with more ways than ever to meet your demise.

Elden Ring

You wouldn’t think this was FromSoftware’s first time making a true open-world ‘Souls’ title, as the beautiful environments are crafted so well. And with so much to explore in the massive Elden Ring map, it pays to do so with the best performance possible.

Speaking of the map, be sure to check out our handy diagrams, showing off the location of every Golden Seed, Site of Grace, or Crystal Tears!

How to Unlock Elden Ring Frame Rate

Although FromSoftware is capping PC players at 60 FPS, one talented modder is already discovering a way to bypass the issue.

Github user uberhalit is already helping Elden Ring players to surpass 60 FPS, using their new mod. Not only does the mod remove any FPS limit, it also allows users to increase or decrease FOV.

What’s more, mod downloaders can finally also get full widescreen support in Elden Ring, and even disable the loss of Runes on death.

What’s particularly enticing is the ability to finally go beyond the 60 FPS limit though.

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Elden Ring General Radhan

Given that players have been complaining about performance issues in Elden Ring since launch, a problem that Bandai Namco was quick to acknowledge, it’s possible that you won’t actually hit 60+ FPS even with this mod installed.

Meanwhile, if you’re a console player, here’s how to optimize Elden Ring FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X!

Those who want to try out the Elden Ring FPS Unlocker mod, can do so here. However, be aware that using this mod could result in an online ban, so we suggest playing Elden Ring offline if you’re using it.

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