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Elden Ring Tutorial: Where to Find, All Rewards, Boss Guide

FromSoftware games are notoriously brutal, with Elden Ring being no different. But, new players who want to learn the basics can easily access the in-game tutorial before they start their adventure.

However, in classic FromSoftware fashion, even identifying Elden Ring’s tutorial section can be tricky, with many gamers missing it altogether.

We’ve got all the intel you need to ensure you’re fully prepared for battle as you enter the Lands Between.

Elden Ring Mount

Where to Find Elden Ring’s Tutorial

The tutorial of Elden Ring can be found in the Cave of Knowledge after you face the unbeatable boss at the beginning of your journey.

It’s easy to miss, but here’s a helpful guide to ensure you find the tutorial:

  • When you begin Elden Ring, you’ll face off against a Grafted Scion that is nearly impossible to defeat. But don’t worry because you’re supposed to lose against it.
  • Afterward, you are revived in a murky area and ahead of you is a ghost-like NPC. Speak to him, and he’ll offer you some philosophical (or confusing) advice.
  • He tells you to “take the plunge,” referring to the ominous cliff beside him. However, if you oblige and jump into the unknown, you’ll find yourself in the Cave of Knowledge.

Now, you’re in the tutorial area, and the only way out is by navigating through the entire area! Thankfully, it will offer plenty of helpful tips for your journey.

Elden Ring protagonist ventures into cave

What You’ll Face in the Cave of Knowledge

The Cave of Knowledge is Elden Ring’s tutorial area and will offer players a variety of situations while instructing them on how to best overcome the obstacles they face.

Here’s what you’ll face while exploring the Cave of Knowledge:

  • The first thing you’ll come across in the Cave of Knowledge is a Site of Grace. Players can rest at a Site of Grace to access various mechanics. They also function as fast travel points.
  • Journey deeper into the cave, and you’ll face your first regular foes. Here you will learn the basics of combat.
  • At this point, you’ll be able to get a glimpse at some of Elden Ring’s new mechanics, like Ashes of War, its improved stealth mechanics, and how to use flasks.

If stealth suits your play style, you’ll be happy to hear that Elden Ring offers a great variety of classes, with some excelling at stealth takedowns.

Elden Ring Tutorial Rewards

Players will be able to obtain the “Strength” gesture to show off in multiplayer by completing the Elden Ring Tutorial.

Gestures are visual animations that add a little more personality to your Tarnished or some attitude if used as you’re about to kill an invading player! One is even used to complete a puzzle for some great rewards!

While navigating the cave, you’ll also receive your first runes, which you can use to level up your character. These will drop from all enemies and sometimes from a few skulls lying around.

Elden Ring Two horses collide

Elden Ring Combat Tips & Tricks

Tutorial boss, the Soldier of Godrick’s battle brings together everything you’ve learned, allowing you to try out your new skills.

Here are a few combat tips to help you begin your Elden Ring journey:

  • Here you can get a feel for your weapons. We recommend learning how to two-hand your weapon for a 50% damage boost!
  • If you’re a ranged or magic player, you’ll want to keep your distance and fire off attacks from further away and keep moving.
  • If you use a shield, parrying is a good idea. Use this time to practice your timing for when you’re facing tougher foes. Plus, it is possible to stagger the boss with a perfect parry, allowing you to quickly move in for a critical hit attack.
  • If you’re a Bloodborne veteran, you may be more inclined to roll away from enemy attacks at the cost of stamina.

Once the mini-boss is dead, you’re free to continue onwards to the Lands Between, where your epic quest gets started for real.

And if you want to know what to do after the tutorial section, here’s what to do and where to go first in Limgrave!

Margit The Fallen Omen Mini Boss

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