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Elden Ring Trailer Finally Revealed, Release Date Confirmed

It’s been years of waiting but we finally have a new Elden Ring trailer, courtesy of Summer Game Fest 2021.

Ever since its initial announcement back in 2019, we’ve been eagerly awaiting further news about Elden Ring. The first time we saw the game was at E3 2019, and fans have been turning Hollow in the information drought ever since.

We actually saw a new Elden Ring trailer leak online a few months back, but FromSoftware had little to say about the major breach of information. Meanwhile, despite an excellent Demon’s Souls remake on the PS5 launch day, we’ve been waiting since Sekiro’s release in March 2019 for a new Souls-esque title.

ELDEN RING Summer Game Fest Trailer
(Source: FromSoftware)

Now, Elden Ring looks to be the biggest and best Miyazaki game yet, with a massive open world created with help from George R.R. Martin himself. And a new Elden Ring trailer is finally here, courtesy of Summer Game Fest 2021.

With this and yesterday’s insane reveal of Battlefield 2042, we’ve never seen so much hype for a game’s trailer!

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New Elden Ring Trailer and Release Date- Summer Game Fest 2021

Take a look at this brand-new Elden Ring trailer, straight from Summer Game Fest 2021.

It looks as though Elden Ring will be as difficult as any of the Souls games before it, with a complex and detailed world to explore. If anything, this looks to be the biggest entry in the franchise to date.

With a massive open world, Elden Ring will be the first FromSoftware game to feature mounts! As we traverse the beautiful environments, players will be able to summon a faithful companion to carry them forth.

ELDEN RING Boss Fights Enemies More
(Source: FromSoftware)

In your search for the Elden Ring, it looks like there are more than a few fearsome enemies awaiting the Tarnished. With Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin’s world just waiting to be explored, the story will likely be found in hidden lore and confusing dialogue.

As usual, PVP combat looks to be present through the use of in-game summons. Players can likely enter their friend’s worlds, or invade those of others.

Also shown off at the Summer Game Fest was the latest major update for Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 4!

And, as expected, there are some truly epic boss fights shown off in Elden Ring’s first gameplay trailer. We can’t wait to begin the struggle anew when Elden Ring releases.

Elden Ring’s release date on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC is set for January 21, 2022.

But that’s not all the exciting news right now, as E3 2021 is about to get underway! Here’s how to watch E3 2021 all throughout this weekend and more.

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And Xbox looks ready to announce a new studio and IP acquisitions in just a few days’ time! Make sure to tune into Xbox and Bethesda’s joint E3 showcase here.

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