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Elden Ring: Top 10 Most Impressive PVP Kills

Elden Ring PVP is full of players constantly discovering new ways to best their opponents. Here are the top ten of the most impressive kills in duels across the Lands Between.

Elden Ring is a massive world with many weapons and spells to use in combat. Most players spend their time roaming the Lands Between, hoping to become Elden Lords.

But other players spend their time dueling each other through Elden Ring PVP. In PVP, players constantly find creative new ways to use certain skills to their advantage.

Here are 10 of the most impressive PVP kills in Elden Ring to this date.

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Elden Ring PvP

Top 10 PvP Kills in Elden Ring – June 2022

These are the top ten Elden Ring PVP kills that the Lands Between has witnessed so far.

10. Bringing Back the Dark Souls Backstab

First on our list is ohnowatermellons from Reddit with a nostalgic trip through memory lane. Using the Great Stars is always a smart choice, thanks to its ability to provide players with health regeneration.

But when coupled together with quick thinking and quick strikes, it can be deadly. Here we see ohnowatermellons with a masterful back step that leaves his opponent wide open to a backstab attack.

If you want to give the Great Stars a shot, then check out our complete guide to help you find it in Elden Ring!

9. One-Shot One-Eyed Shield Cannon

Next on the list is Jolly_Old_Lautrec and their One-Eyed Shield build that is terrifyingly accurate. No one really thinks about the meta involving anything other than a weapon.

So seeing a shield used not once but multiple times to take down enemies is an impressive feat. And the fact that all their opponents drop in one shot is terrifying.

Here you can see it being used to stop an ambush before they even get the chance to react.

If you want to try out the One-Eyed Shield One-Shot PVP Build for yourself, check out the complete guide here!

8. Elden Ring Roleplaying PVP Battle

This battle is impressive due to the sheer dedication to replicating one of the most challenging boss battles in Elden Ring, the Godskin Duo.

Reddit user, Mini_B3ast, uploaded a video of themselves and a friend taking on the roles of Godskin Duo coupled together with their move set.

And it looks like the roleplay is equally as frustrating since Black Flame is such a powerful weapon in Elden Ring.

Players who want to try their own version of the Godskin Duo need to try our Elden Ring Endgame Black Flame Mage Build.

7. Sonic in the Lands Between

And the roleplaying doesn’t need to stop there. Next on the list is aloofbit, who discovered that lightning ram is an OP PVP attack early on in Elden Ring.

The Lightning Ram is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the same ability that you’ll see the rams scattered around Elden Ring use to escape. Except with an added hint of lightning.

And as players will soon notice, once a lightning ram hits you, it’s hard to break free.

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6. Dealing With Bridge Campers the Right Way

No matter the game, players will find spots to camp that will heavily favor them and earn them easy kills. Thankfully, there are Tarnished like fregisk that will find innovative ways to deal with them.

Here we see them meet an untimely end in the most satisfying way possible. The Wondrous Physick is a great tool and one that players should remember to use often.

And it’s no secret to see the Ruptured Crystal Tear put to use here. It’s one of the best Wondrous Physick combinations players can use in Elden Ring.

5. Elden Lords Must Deal With AFK Campers Accordingly

Unfortunately, there are different levels of campers in Elden Ring. There are the ones shown above that will camp bridges.

But then some will leave their characters in hard-to-reach areas and simply go AFK. This will prompt invading to try and find them, only to fall to their death.

Fortunately, there are Elden Lords, like slimeycoomer, that find ways to reach these players and put an end to their treachery.

If you want to go after these AFK campers yourself, check out this method to help you put an end to their tyranny!

4. Nowhere to Run To in the Lands Between

Of course, PVP players are bound to run into those that choose to run and wait for help rather than fight a duel to the death.

Sometimes, they even have Bloodhound’s Step to make it practically impossible to be caught. But, that didn’t stop JoshHVandy, and their Bolt of Gransax build from putting an end to their opponent from a distance.

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3. Never Celebrate Early

Many players have fallen victim to this themselves. Your enemy brings your health down until they can practically breathe on you, and you’ll be defeated. But instead of delivering the finishing blow, they decide to taunt instead.

LatestFIN didn’t take too kindly when his opponent did this to them. While the enemy taunted, they took the opportunity to launch a counterattack that sent their opponent flying to their death.

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2. Magic Spammer Meets Eternal Darkness

Players that build INT and FAI builds in Elden Ring sometimes tend to get carried away with their favorite spell. And unfortunately for DEX and STR players, it can be hard to get a hit in when you’re being barraged by the OP Stars of Ruin sorcery.

But Jeeth24 discovered that the only option isn’t to run. Using the Eternal Darkness sorcery, players can completely negate some spells.

Watch as they completely decimate any enemy with an impressive show of skill.

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1. Unrelenting Strength

LothricKnight753 has the most impressive PVP kill in Elden Ring. They show an unrelenting display of strength as they vigorously dodge through three sorcerers and slay them one by one.

Ending the battle with a beautifully timed Lions Claw from one of the best Strength weapons in Elden Ring, the Greatsword.

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And these are the ten most impressive kills in Elden Ring PVP. But with updates constantly being pushed out, this is just the beginning of the Elden Ring PVP scene.

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