Beating Elden Ring is a feat, but someone has already managed to complete the game 100 times.

Yeah, this means that they’ve gone from start to finish over 100 times and are about to embark on their 101st Journey through the Lands Between.

To some, this may sound unreal. It’s hard to imagine someone going through and fighting Starscrouge Radahn over 100 different times for your enjoyment.

It is possible, especially if you’ve got the right tools.

Want to try out one of the most potent weapons in Elden Ring post update? Here’s how you can get the Rivers of Blood Katana!

Elden Ring How to Get to Nokstella & Lake of Rot

Elden Ring: Player Reaches NG+ 100

Elden Ring player, Kogarrashi, has already managed to beat Elden Ring 100 times.

This means that not even one month after its release date, Kogarrashi has managed to play through Elden Ring’s storyline 100 times using some of the most well-known speedrun techniques.

Kogarrashi is a popular Any% Elden Ring Speed Runner that has also managed to set the record for the best time for Elden Ring post-NG+7 with a time of 23:06.

Here’s his original post detailing this achievement:

There are plenty of weapons that players can use to improve their speed runs. But they’ll need to learn to use wrong warping if they want to reach some of the higher times.

The current record holder for Any% on the game’s first playthrough is Distortion2.

Until recently, many players were finding speedrun success using the Icerind Hatchet, but a recent update did nerf the strength of its primary skill, Hoarfrost Stomp.

Elden Ring Boss Fight

If you’re looking to complete the game for the first time yourself, you might want to try out the powerful Samurai class build.

It’s great for all types of players and can help you defeat some of the more difficult end-game bosses like Godfrey, First Elden Lord Hoarah Loux.

They can also wield some of the most potent weapons in the game, like the Moonveil Katana. And if you invest in Arcane, you’ll also be able to wield the Rivers of Blood Katana.