The Sentry Torch is a valuable item that can make certain areas in Elden Ring more manageable.

Elden Ring has a vast amount of cryptic items with hidden abilities and uses. You get many of these curious items through nomad merchants or random drops from enemies as you progress.

The Lands Between is a complex setting in which you can miss many items entirely in a playthrough. You can even kill many NPCs and bring them back to life to correct your doings.

The game does make it simpler to traverse these lands if you take your time and explore every corner Elden Ring has to offer.

One of the ways you can avoid severe danger and make some areas of the game easier to traverse is by finding and using the Sentry Torch.

Sentry Torch Gameplay

Where to Find the Sentry Torch in Elden Ring

You can purchase the Sentry Torch in Elden Ring for 7000 Runes at the Hermit Merchant’s Shack on the outskirts of Leyndell, The Capital City.

This item allows you to see and target Invisible Black Knife Assasins. This effect is still prevalent even if you do not meet the stats requirement of this armament.

You can also wield a dual-hand weapon while having the Sentry Torch equipped, and even though it is not visible, it will still reveal the Invisible Black Knife Assasins.

Sentry Torch Location

Why Is the Sentry Torch Important in Elden Ring?

This torch makes Shadow Assasins visible to the player, making the fight with them more accessible, as you can dodge attacks and land them with ease.

You will face an invisible assassin at the Sage’s Cave and several more at the Ordina Liturgical Town.

This item is particularly handy in the Ordina Liturgical Town in the Consecrated Ground at the northern part of the Consecrated Snowfield. Here is how you can get to the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring.

There is an Evergaol puzzle at this location that has Shadow Assasins in it, so this item will make solving it much easier.

As you progress to the end game sections of the game, here are some equipment suggestions to ease the challenge coming:

Elden Ring Torch

Aside from solving secrets and cryptic lore, the Elden Ring community has an incredibly vivid creative side.

Players have recently created some flashy characters using the in-game editor and named this practice Elden Bling!

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