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Elden Ring Release Window Revealed by FromSoftware Parent Company

One of gaming’s most anticipated releases is nearer than you’d think, as Elden Ring’s release window is finally revealed.

FromSoftware’s line-up of notoriously difficult titles contains some of the best experiences in gaming. From Dark Souls, to Bloodborne, and recently Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the developer creates brutal worlds full of mystery and challenge.

Recently with the launch of the PS5, gamers have been enjoying an incredible remake of FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls. And if that wasn’t enough next-gen action for gamers everywhere, there’s a new FromSoftware release about to drop.

elden ring release window leak
(Source: FromSoftware)

Although we’ve seen Elden Ring release date leaks in the past, this is our most credible source yet. After all, a new leak claims to come from Kadokawa Corporation, parent company of FromSoftware, and drops details about Elden Ring’s release window.

Elden Ring Release Date Leak – Sooner Than Expected?

In a recent financial call with investors, Kadokawa Corporation appears to hint at Elden Ring’s release date, and confirms a release window.

Despite having little news about the upcoming title previously, this new investor call sheds some light on when we can expect Elden Ring to release.

Calling Elden Ring “FromSoftware’s biggest title yet in terms of sheer volume”, the parent company confirms that development is going well. Allegedly, the company also states that Elden Ring will release this fiscal year.

If this proves correct, that means we could be seeing Elden Ring release later in 2021. And we’ll likely get the official release of this leaked Elden Ring trailer at E3 this year!

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Elden Ring
(Source: FromSoftware)

But, given that the leak states that the game is coming out this fiscal year, that doesn’t necessarily mean a 2021 release date. Instead, we know that FromSoftware’s upcoming title is aiming to release before the end of March 2022.

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According to new teases, we’ll be hearing more about Elden Ring soon! Although fans are getting feverish, it won’t be much longer without new information.

But the real question on everyone’s mind is when will our official Elden Ring trailer drop? Recently, insiders have been promising new Elden Ring updates are just on the horizon.

Few have been correct so far, but now it feels like new information is only inches away. However, recently a new Star Wars Mandalorian game leak is all gamers are talking about!

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