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Elden Ring Ranni Quest Guide: How to Get the Moonlight Greatsword

You won’t last long in the Lands Between without the proper weaponry. Here’s how you can obtain one of Elden Ring’s most imposing blades, the Moonlight Greatsword.

Elden Ring continues FromSoftware’s tradition of punishing its players with brutal difficulty. Right from the start, you’re thrown into a world of pain and it doesn’t get any easier.

But, equipping yourself with the right armaments can offer you a lifeline against even the most fearsome foes.

Weapons can be found in many places around the expansive open-world map. However, to acquire some truly special gear, you’ll need to complete quests and slay bosses.

That’s where Ranni comes into play, giving you the chance to wield the legendary Moonlight Greatsword seen in previous Souls games.

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How to Get the Moonlight Greatsword in Elden Ring

1. Where to Find Ranni to Begin the Quest

Once you’ve obtained your trusty steed Torrent, wait until night and head back to the Church of Elleh. Now, you should see Ranni waiting for you, lounging on part of the ruins.

Talk to Ranni and she’ll give you the Spirit Calling Bell, which plays a huge role in summoning Spirit Ashes that will assist you in battle! Interestingly, she’ll call herself “Renna” at this point. More on that later…

This will be the last you’ll see of Ranni for a while.

2. Assault on Caria Manor, Liurnia

Level up, because the next step is where things get tough. Caria Manor in northern Liurnia is no playground. Warriors and Sorcerers stand guard and once they’re dealt with, you’ll face Royal Knight Loretta, the area’s boss.

After slaying Loretta, track around the Manor to the area known as Three Sisters. There is an optional dragon enemy here: Glintstone Dragon Adula.

Three towers stand before, and the middle one is accessible. Enter and ascend, to be greeted by Ranni once again.

Talk to Ranni and she will reveal her true identity, ditching her “Renna” alias. She asks you to serve her, and to continue with the quest, you should oblige. If you refuse, you can return later to accept her command of servitude.

Ranni the Witch in front of window

3. Ranni Sends You Across the Lands Between

This is where the quest line really gets started. Ranni asks you to retrieve an item from Nokron, The Eternal City. The conversation will differ depending on your progress elsewhere. If you’ve already defeated General Radahn, you’ll skip some steps.

But, assuming Radahn is still breathing, your next step is to reach the Siofra River.

Head to Mistwood, using the Minor Erdtree as a reference point if you haven’t recovered the map fragment yet. Next to the tree, at Siofra River Well is an elevator that will lower you underground.

Down here, you’re looking for a man named Blaidd, who can be found near the Hallowhorn Grounds.

Blaidd isn’t much use as he doesn’t know how to access Nokron. Fear not, though, as he recalls a sorcerer named Seluvis who might have the answer.

Intimidated by Elden Ring’s massive map? Then use our guide to make sure your dangerous journies are worth the effort!

5. Backtrack to Liurnia

Unfortunately, Seluvis is right back where you came from. He’s Ranni’s neighbor, occupying the southern tower.

Speak to him and he’ll send you back out into the wildlands, to an area you may have already visited…

And if you haven’t, here’s a guide to everything you should do first when you enter Limgrave!

Pumpkin Head Approaches

6. Speak to the Sorceress

Now, you need to head back to an earlier area of the game. East of Limgrave’s lake, you’ll find the Waypoint Ruins.

Here, there are several plantlike enemies, including one that’s large and dangerous. It’ll attack you with poison if you’re close, or lightning bolts if you’re far away. Luckily, both attacks are easy to dodge.

You can avoid the plant if you want and head straight down into the cellar, tucked away inside the ruins.

If you haven’t been here before (you probably will have if you’re doing any kind of exploration) you’ll have to take down a Mad Pumpkin Head boss inside the cellar.

Fear not, he’s pretty easy. Just watch out for his head smash move and make sure you’re nimble on your feet.

Once he’s down, open the door ahead to reveal the Sorceress Sellen. Talk to her and she’ll reveal that the brutal General Radahn must be slaughtered before Nokron can be accessed.

General Radahn Victorious

7. Boss Fight: General Radahn

General Radahn is the first significant boss that you’ll face as part of this questline. He’s a serious threat, so be prepared before you approach him.

Best Strategy to Defeat General Radahn in Elden Ring

Radahn is located on the southeast island of the Caelid Wilds, near Redmane Castle.

8. Entering Nokron, The Eternal City

Radahn’s death triggers a meteorite to smash into Nokron, opening the city up to you.

From the Siofra River, you can now enter Nokron and claim a Site of Grace in the Ancestral Woods.

Press onwards to find a chest containing the item that Ranni has sent you in for: The Fingerslayer Blade.

9. Return to Ranni with Her Treasure

Travel back to the towers and deliver the sword to Ranni. You’ll lose the sword, but you’ll gain the Carian Inverted Statue, allowing you access to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Now, the tower at Renna’s Rise will be accessible. Enter and ascend to the top, where you’ll find a teleporter.

This device will deliver you to an area of the map within Ainsel River, below Liurnia.

10. Miniature Ranni

This is where things get slightly weird in typical FromSoftware fashion. Once you teleport in, you’ll find a miniature Ranni doll on a coffin. Loot it to discover that it feels mysteriously cold.

Continue onwards and rest at the next Site of Grace. Here, you’ll see the option to “Talk to miniature Ranni.”

Speak to the doll until you exhaust all dialogue options. Don’t worry if the doll doesn’t initially respond. Keep trying and she’ll talk eventually.

The verbal doll will confess that it is in fact not a doll, but rather Ranni herself. She will set you another objective: Kill the Baleful Shadow.

The Baleful Shadow is the second major boss that you’ll fight on your way to acquiring the Greatsword. Ranni explains that the shadow is an assassin, sent after her by the Two Fingers after a particularly nasty dispute over a Rune of Death…

Elden Ring Cave

11. Boss Fight: Baleful Shadow

Keep moving through Ainsel River until you’re confronted by the Baleful Shadow. Battle it and upon victory, Ranni will award you a Discarded Palace Key.

Facing the Baleful Shadow is certainly challenging! Best Strategy to Beat Baleful Shadow in Elden Ring

With the Shadow out of the picture, Ranni bids you farewell and the doll is no longer cold. Her spirit has left the figuring, but the Moonlight Greatsword is not yet within your grasp.

12. Treasure in the Academy

Next, you need to access the Academy Library. To do this, you must have obtained the key from the Glintstone Dragon’s nest in the Liurnia of the Lakes northern area.

Then, take the teleporter at Laskyar Ruins to reach the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Unlock the gate and process through the legacy dungeon until you must battle another boss, Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon.

Be aware, the only reason Rennala must be defeated is to access her chest. She may not be directly involved in your pursuit of the Moonlight Greatsword, but you can’t get it without her treasure: the Dark Moon Ring.

But, there is another reason to visit Rennala: If you’re unhappy with your class setup, find out how to re-spec your character here!

13. To the Lake of Rot

Return to the Baleful Shadow’s battle arena and descend using the elevator.

The area you find yourself in is the Lake of Rot. This area is truly grotesque, looking like something from Bloodborne’s Nightmare Realm.

Contact with the disgusting liquid within the lake will afflict you with Scarlet Rot, a poison-like effect that builds up until it starts eating away at your health.

But, you must press on through the lake and to the left side, where you’ll find a coffin that, bizarrely, you take a load off inside.

Don’t expect any shuteye, though. The coffin is in fact another teleporter and takes you to a cosmic arena to battle the final major foe of Ranni’s questline.

Elden Ring Cosmic Arena with Planet

14. Boss Fight: Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

This is Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. It looks ferocious. An alien-insect type monster, and it’s just as tough as it looks.

Astel can be quite a tough battle. Here is the best strategy to Beat Astel in Elden Ring!

Kill the creature and the Moonlight Greatsword is almost yours.

15. Upwards to the Moonlight Alter

With Astel dead and the Dark Moon Ring in your possession, you’ll be able to pass through to the cave exit.

Ascend using the elevator and you’ll reach the surface. Breath in the fresh air of a new area: the Moonlight Alter.

Avoid the dragons (or don’t, if you’re feeling brave) and journey onwards to the Cathedral of Manus Celes where you’ll find a hole.

Parkour your way down until you find a path.

Elden Ring Injured Ranni

16. Find Ranni Once More

Follow the path and you’ll be presented with the signs of a fight that you’ve missed out on. A dead Two Fingers… and Ranni.

But, she’s not dead yet.

Interact with her and you’ll be treated to a cutscene in which the Tarnished puts the Dark Moon Ring on her finger.

Ranni will disappear to be replaced with her Witch form, whom you should talk to.

17. Get the Moonlight Greatsword

Ranni will tell you to follow the path of the Elden Lord before vanishing before your eyes.

Shortly after, loot will spawn next to her last location… and it’s the weapon you’ve been waiting for this whole time: Elden Ring’s version of The Moonlight Greatsword, known here as the Dark Moon Greatsword.

To wield the sword you’ll need:

  • Strength: 16
  • Dexterity: 11
  • Intelligence: 38

The blade causes frost damage and dishes out physical and magical damage at an equal rate.

Plus, it has its own unique skill. The description of the skill reads: “Raise the sword aloft, bathing it in the light of the dark moon. Temporarily increases magic attack power and imbues the blade with frost. Charged attacks release blasts of moonlight.”

And that’s that. Ranni, or Renna, is no more. But she leaves behind a weapon that can help cement your legacy as the Elden Lord.

If this onslaught of boss battles simply wasn’t enough, check out how many elite enemies you’ll be facing in total, and where to find them!

Or if you’re having trouble and want to level up before proceeding, our guide explains how to farm infinite runes!

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