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Elden Ring Randomizer Mod Turns Every Enemy into Malenia

This mod is only for the hardcore Elden Ring fans, as it turns every mob in the Lands Between into Malenia.

As if Elden Ring wasn’t already difficult enough, some gamers will go out of their way to make things even more challenging.

We’ve seen players using strange controllers, fighting bosses blindfolded, and even using mods to make enemies that much harder. Now, one mod in particular is turning heads by adding thousands of Malenia to the game.

For the players who are fortunate enough not to have encountered one of Elden Ring’s best (but most brutal) boss fights, Malenia is an incredibly tough enemy.

Malenia, Blade of Miquella

The boss is entirely optional, but soon became known as one of FromSoftware’s toughest battles. Which is why one player took it upon themselves to beat Malenia 1000 times!

Elden Ring Mod Spawns Thousands of Malenia

This Elden Ring mod replaces almost every living being in the Lands Between with Melania, Blade of Miquella.

If you thought Elden Ring’s first boss was hard before, now players will die even faster to ‘Grafted Malienia’. But your trials don’t stop there.

Once you make it up the elevator to Limgrave, thousands of Malenia roam free around the area. And yes, they have access to their second phase too.

You’ll need to take some tips from Let Me Solo Her and learn the easiest way to beat Malenia in Elden Ring if you want to even make it through the game’s starting area.

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Elden Ring Randomizer Mod Turns Every Enemy into Malenia
Matt Gruen / FromSoftware

For those interested, the mod is called Elden Ring Item and Enemy Randomizer, created by thefifthmatt. And while it can be used to see a lot more Malenia in your games, its primary use is to randomize all items, enemies, and boss drops in the Lands Between!

Should you choose, however, you can determine for yourself how your game should look. Will you be able to make it to the final boss fight with Elden Malenia?

And, speaking of tough battles, one Elden Ring player managed to get invaded DURING the Rennala boss fight!

If you’re up for a more old-school challenge, why not try this Game Boy Demake of Elden Ring for yourself?

Recently, Elden Ring creator Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed his personal favorite boss fights. Did any of yours make the cut?

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