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Elden Ring PvP Guide: Best Duel Tricks for Relentless Victories

Here is everything players should know about Elden Ring PvP duels to obtain victory anywhere they are summoned.

The Elden Ring PvP scene can be a little daunting to new players. There are plenty of ways to summon duels or invade players, but it can be easy to confuse the different items.

The more committed Elden Ring PvP players also have a certain duel etiquette that they encourage others to follow.

This guide will break down everything you need to know about Elden Ring PvP to ensure you’re maximizing rewards and defeating your opponents.

Elden Ring PVP

Elden Ring Duel Etiquette

PvP players have developed an honor code in the form of duel etiquette for players to follow in Elden Ring, consisting of the following rules:

  1. Use an emote to greet the enemy player and signal that you are ready to duel.
    • Do not attack a player until you both have greeted each other.
    • Use a wave or a bow gesture to be safe.
  2. Players in a duel should not use Crimson Flasks.
    • The Host has an advantage when it comes to the healing capabilities of the Crimson Flasks.
      • The Host starts with twice as many healing flasks as the opponent.
    • Healing with incantations is acceptable due to the difficulty of using them mid-duel.
  3. Players should allow each other to buff their builds prior to fighting.
    • Many builds don’t reach their full potential unless certain buffs are active.
    • It is important for duelists to fight each other at their strongest.
  4. Players in duels can use the Wondrous Physick.
    • Some players were against this at first, but the Wondrous Physick is sometimes a necessary part of a build.
    • It can also help counter other builds due to the different Physick combinations players can use.
  5. Both duelists will see the fight out until the end, no matter the result of the match.
  6. Players must understand that not everyone they encounter will follow the proper etiquette.
  7. Most builds are welcome in the Elden Ring community.
    • Despite this, some builds are too overwhelming for PvP. This includes the Rivers of Blood Vampire Build.
  8. Respect the dedicated community duel areas. In Elden Ring, there are popular areas where many players gather to summon duelists.
    • Do not summon your opponent somewhere where it will be difficult to find you or where you can easily spam them.
  9. Be respectful, and avoid bad manners.
    • This involves pointing down at a defeated opponent, as this is seen as a lack of respect.
    • Tea bagging after eliminating someone.
    • Rage quitting.
    • Spamming attacks.
    • Sending harmful messages after a duel.
  10. There are different ‘fight clubs’ where players gather to duel each other. Some of them may have different duel etiquette. It’s always good to ask about it before jumping straight in.

Also, players will have an easier time finding duelists if they maintain the meta PvP levels. This meta level will keep you in the same pool as most of the Elden Ring PvP Duel community.

To initiate PvP in Elden Ring, players must use one of the many fingers to either summon or invade the enemy player.

For complete details on how multiplayer in Elden Ring works, check out the complete guide!

Elden Ring PvP Rune Rewards Explained

Players victorious from PvP battles or Co-OP sessions obtain the following rune rewards that can help them level up their character or purchase items:

Rune RewardReward Conditions
15% of Current LevelRewarded to a Host that has defeated an Invader.
5% of Current LevelRewarded to cooperative summons when the Host has defeated an Invader.
Rewarded to Hunters who have used the White/Blue Cipher Ring to defeat an Invader.
4% of Current LevelRewarded to Invaders that successfully eliminate the Host, cooperative summon, or a hunter during their Invasion.
2% of Current LevelRewarded to the Host when a Duelist that was invited via the Duelist’s Furled Finger is defeated.
1% of Current Level Rewarded to cooperative summons when a Duelist is defeated.
Rewarded to Duelists that manage to defeat the Host or any of their cooperative summons.
Invaders that defeat other Invaders during an Invasion can also earn this reward.

To increase your odds of obtaining these rewards, it’d be best to use one of the current Elden Ring PvP Meta Weapons.

Elden Ring PvP Player Roles

The three roles a player can take during a PvP match are the Host, Invader, or Hunter:

  • Host:
    • The player that was either Invaded or summoned a Duelist. Referred to as ‘Host of Fingers’ in-game.
  • Invader:
    • The player that started the Invasion will have a red tint to them in-game.
  • Hunter:
    • A player using a Cypher Ring to assist other players will have a blue tint in-game.

There are also items that players can use in Elden Ring that will have unique properties when used in PvP.

Elden Ring PvP Duels

Useful Items To Turn the Scale in PvP Duels

Certain items in Elden Ring gain unique properties when used in PvP, giving players a much-needed boost.

  • Mohg’s Great Rune
    • If an Invader uses Mohg’s Great Rune during an Invasion, it will grant the player 3 Phantom Great Runes.
    • Phantom Great Runes allow players to bestow a red area around them that buffs enemies and bosses in the Host’s world.
  • Crystal Tears
    • There are crystal tears that are fundamental for PvP and will go a long way to keeping you alive or giving you an extra edge in battle:
      • Crimson Bubble Tear – Excellent as a life-saver as it restores HP when near death.
      • Thorny Cracked Tear – Useful for weapons that allow connecting consecutive hits, as this Tear makes consecutive attacks stronger.
      • Cerulean Hidden Tear – Works exceptionally well with Faith or Intelligence builds as it eliminates all FP consumption for 15 seconds.
      • Opaline Bubbetear – This Tear negates all types of damage by 90% for 3 minutes or until the player is hit.
      • Greenburst Crystal Tear – Ideal for those players whose combat strategy requires a lot of Stamina. This Tear boosts the Stamina recovery speed by 15 per second, roughly a 33% recovery speed increase, for 3 minutes.
    • Some Crystal Tears are notably well suited for certain builds based on a particular stat:
      • Faith-Knot Crystal Tear – Boosts Faith +10 for 3 minutes.
      • Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear – Boosts Intelligence +10 for 3 minutes.
      • Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear – Boosts Dexterity +10 for 3 minutes.
      • Strength-Knot Crystal Tear – Boosts Strength +10 for 3 minutes.
    • Lastly, some Tears are excellent for boosting some types of damage, making your offensive strategy much more effective:
      • Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear – Boosts Magic Attacks by 20% (15% in PvP) for 3 minutes
      • Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear – Boosts Fire Attacks by 20% (15% in PvP) for 3 minutes
      • Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear – Boosts Lightning Attacks by 20% (15% in PvP) for 3 minutes
      • Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear – Boosts Holy Attacks by 20% (15% in PvP) for 3 minutes

How to Easily Find PvP Duelists & Invaders

Using the Taunters Tongue allows players to make the process of finding a PvP duelist much easier by luring invaders to their world, even without an online cooperator.

  • Taunter’s Tongue
    • This item can be used to lure in Invaders, even without a cooperator in your world. However, the consumption of a Furlcalling Finger Remedy is still necessary.
    • Decreases the cooldown time between invasions.
    • Allows for a second invader to join in the multiplayer session.
    • It should be used if you are struggling to find a duel.
    • You can obtain this item at the Roundtable Hold after defeating Mad Tongue Alberich, an invader that appears after dropping from the balcony near the Table of Lost Grace Site of Grace.

If you find yourself not finding many duels, then it’s always a great idea to join the Elden Ring PvP Discord. Here you can coordinate with others to ensure you always have someone to duel.

Also, if you find yourself struggling to defeat duelists or invaders, then make sure to check out all of our Elden Ring PvP Meta Builds:

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