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Elden Ring Players Upset At Overwhelming Dual Wield Bleed Meta in PVP

Elden Ring PVP players are growing frustrated with the overwhelming amount of duels involving a duel wield bleed build.

Elden Ring is on route to being the most successful game of 2022. NPD predicts that it’ll outsell Modern Warfare 2 later this year.

Despite obtaining much of its success due to its dynamic open world, Elden Ring’s PVP community is thriving.

But unfortunately, PVP players are growing tired of the overwhelming bleed meta that is plaguing the duel scene.

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Elden Ring Naginata

Elden Ring PVP Duel Bleed Meta Frustrating Players

The reason Elden Ring PVP is dominated by dual bleed meta is because of how powerful blood loss is and how well these weapons perform when properly built.

There is no denying that the Cross Naginata Dual Wield Bleed build is by far one of the strongest Elden Ring PVP builds.

It can decimate an enemy in just a few swings when properly optimized. Unfortunately, this meta is overwhelmingly powerful. So much so that players are beginning to run into consecutive players using it.

But surprisingly, players are opting to use a dual-wield spear rather than the Rivers of Blood. Despite the Rivers of Blood being the strongest PVE weapon in Elden Ring, players may find themselves at a disadvantage if they miss a hit.

But thankfully, there are ways to overcome this meta. The Glintstone Witch build is made to rapidly fire off attacks and keep your enemies from landing hits.

Although, there are a few more creative ways that players are entering PVP. Check out the ten most impressive PVP kills in Elden Ring to see a player take down fifteen players with a shield.

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