Several Elden Ring players are taking it upon themselves to recreate Thanos in FromSoftware’s latest release.

Whether you subscribe to the philosophy that Thanos was correct, or you’re just a fan of the Marvel villain in general, it’s hard to deny that the Infinity War/Endgame antagonist has style.

Since the release of the record-breaking films, Thanos has accrued a great deal of popularity, with fans even going as far as to model their Elden Ring characters after the Eternal-Deviant warlord.

It’s hard to blame players for wanting to halve the population of the Lands Between though. Each of Elden Ring’s regions seems to be filled with disgusting enemies and deadly NPCs, after all.

And if you’re looking to replicate the Mad Titan himself, you’ll be able to do so with more than just your appearance.

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How to Make Thanos Build in Elden Ring

Aside from making your character as purple as possible, here’s how to create the perfect Thanos in Elden Ring.

First and most importantly, you’ll need to get your hands on the snap gesture.

Head to Mistwood Ruins and you’ll encounter some howling noises. Then, head to the Church of Elleh and talk to Merchant Kale about them to get your hands on the Finger Snap.

Elden Ring Mistwood Ruins & Church of Elleh

Next, why not replicate Thanos’ iconic Endgame weapon with the perfectly-balanced Twinblade? This tricky boss fight will give you one of the best Twinblades in Elden Ring.

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Don’t forget to get your hands on the Stone of Gurranq, a Bestial Incantation taught by the same NPC that will help you get Beast Claw in Elden Ring. With it, you’ll be hurling boulders at enemies, even without an Infinity Stone.

You should also nab one of Elden Ring’s most insane sorceries to make it rain meteors down on our enemies, much like using the Power Stone to hurl a moon at an annoying insect.

But perhaps the most iconic aspect of Thanos’ appearance is the Infinity Gauntlet. For this, your only option appears to be Malenia’s Gauntlet, since it comes with a single, golden glove.

Of course, you will need to beat Malenia first – and then the armor can be purchased from Enia in Roundtable Hold. Why not use this ridiculously easy way to beat any Elden Ring boss to help you out?

For the rest of the golden armor, Tiktok user Hashrow came up with using the Altered Tree Sentinel set, minus the helmet of course. Here’s how to get the Tree Sentinel armor in Elden Ring!

Finally, here’s a guide to creating the perfect Thanos appearance inside Elden Ring by YouTuber Ruddy Games. You can head to the mirror in Fia’s room of Roundtable Hold to completely change your appearance, should you want to customize your character again.

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