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Elden Ring Players Share Their Biggest Issues With the Game

Elden Ring fans have taken to Reddit to, both jokingly and seriously discuss their biggest issues and complaints with the game.

Most fans of the FromSoftware hit, Elden Ring, have completed the game. And, likely have seen the best ending in Elden Ring. However, if you haven’t beaten the game, be sure to use our guide on how to progress the story in Elden Ring!

And while pretty much everyone loved Elden Ring, including us in our review, the game is not free from complaints.

Some players have taken to Reddit to voice their concerns in a lighthearted manner, poking jabs at the game. However, some are changes that would make Elden Ring just a bit better.

Here are some of the issues that Elden Ring players spoke about in a recent post!

Elden Ring Sir Gideon Ofnir Boss Guide
Shirrako / FromSoftware

Elden Ring Fans Jokingly Complain About Issues in the Game

A post in the Elden Ring subreddit, titled “Gideon wants to know: what’s your main criticism of the game?”, asks people to share their issues with Elden Ring.

Created by user u/blablatrooper, the post is currently sitting at 15.1k upvotes, and almost 8,000 comments.

While it may sound like a lot of comments, and therefore complaints, many take jabs at Elden Ring in a lighthearted manner.

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One comment reads, “YES I WANT TO USE A FLASK CHARGE TO REVIVE TORRENT”. Another user replied to the comment stating “They should replace the yes/no prompt with a captcha you need to type”.

Another user was annoyed by the fact that bloodstains, which are the method to see other players’ deaths, weren’t accompanied by laugh tracks.

While many of the comments were in a similar vein, some other users made suggestions that would make Elden Ring a little better.

Elden Ring Bosses

Some of these comments include damage scaling on Bows, suggesting it doesn’t work well. Another Redditor complained about the button to open the map doesn’t close the map as well.

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The top-voted comment complains about the Stonesword Key message, which appears when using a Stonesword Key on a locked fog door. When the message appears, it stays on screen until a button is pressed once.

You can find the Reddit post below, which we recommend reading through. While many of the comments show their love for Elden Ring, it’s good to see minor critiques which would improve the experience!

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Hitler Mussolini

Tuesday 10th of May 2022

I'm with the crowd that believes that vigor doesn't have enough kick per level. Takes an awful lot of points just to avoid getting one-shot.