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Elden Ring Players Divided Over PVP House Rules Etiquette

The new Elden Ring update has only been out for a few days, but players are already arguing over etiquette in the colosseums.

PvP has always been one of the most controversial aspects of any FromSoftware game. This is due to the passionate community that is usually behind it.

Usually, most players can agree on a set of “House Rules” that others follow. But Elden Ring has a larger community than any game before it. This has led to a few players voicing their complaints on social media.

Elden Ring Players Upset Over Lack of Etiquette in PVP Colosseums

Some Elden Ring players believe that PVP should follow a certain etiquette, but others think that if the Colosseum allows it, others shouldn’t be upset.

This has led to many debates on social media. The biggest argument is that players should follow the etiquette created by the community to ensure every battle is fair and challenging.

Elden Ring PVP

Colosseum Rules vs. Elden Ring Etiquette

The clash between what the Colosseum allows and the dueling etiquette rules is what’s making some players upset.

The PVP Colosseums allow all builds, and players cannot perform buffs or summons until the “Commence” prompt flashes on their screen.

That means taking time to buff your build as required leaves your character open to any incoming attacks. Furthermore, many builds require certain buffs to reach max potential, and without them, they’re almost unusable.

For example, the Blood Loss Shinobi Build requires using the Incantation Flame, Grant Me Strength to buff physical and fire-affinity attack power. This is one of the top three Elden Ring PVP Meta builds.

To make things fair, part of the community has developed a sort of etiquette that others should follow.

These aren’t rules that are a part of the Colosseum but are enforced by a considerable portion of the devoted Elden Ring community.

The problem is that only a small percentage of the player base abides by these rules. This means that more often than not, players who follow the rules are being griefed by those who don’t.

One rule many players follow is to give each other time to initiate any buffs or spells their builds need. As a result, players that don’t follow etiquette can land some easy backstabs during the duel.

Despite some finding this behavior rude, it’s not breaking any rules or cheating. This has divided the community.

There are a group of players that believe the “House Rules” are there to make gameplay more exciting and duels more challenging.

These players have usually spent countless hours in past Soul’s games and carried the etiquette from past games.

Then there are players who argue that these are rules that the more passionate PvP players impose on themselves, and no one should be obligated to follow them.

Some players see the PVP Colosseum addition as a place of chaos where anything goes. So these rules are something they don’t wish to participate in.

Yet, there are players that believe there is a way to keep both parties happy.

It would make sense for FromSoftware to implement some parameters or rules, but it’s very unlikely.

For now, if you find yourself struggling in PVP, then it might be time to make a build around one of the top ten PVP weapons.

Also, each Colosseum does have slightly different requirements for entry. So if you don’t like fighting against summons, you may want to pay Leyndell a visit.

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