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Elden Ring Players Banned After Picking Up Deathbed Smalls & Possible Fixes

Some players picked up the Deathbed Smalls item in Elden Ring and reportedly paid the price with the ban hammer.

Elden Ring has many cryptic secrets and even memes. One clear example of this is the Let Me Solo Her meme that has taken the community by storm.

Even after weeks since the game launched, gamers are still finding exciting secrets in every corner of the Lands Between.

This stream of discoveries has flooded both Twitter and the Elden Ring Subreddit with a vast amount of funny and mesmerizing posts.

Unfortunately, not all of these secrets are fun like the meme mentioned before. A forbidden item, the Deathbed Smalls, is now causing bans from some fans!

Deathbed Smalls Elden Ring
Elden Ring Wiki

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Deathbed Smalls Is Causing Soft Bans in Elden Ring

Several users on Reddit have confirmed they received a soft ban after picking up the Deathbed Smalls item from another random online player.

FromSoftware took this item out of the final game, and apparently, it was a Leg Armor part of the Deathbed Armor Set, which also included the Deathbed Dress.

Now, the Deathbed Dress is the sole piece of this set that remains in the game. The Deathbed Smalls is only accessible now through exploits for the game.

Due to this reason, having this item in your inventory triggers the anti-cheat system in the game. Therefore, leading to a soft ban of the account that includes that save file.

Quarantine Penalty for Deathbed Smalls in Elden Ring

In both accounts of this happening, the Redditors explained that they picked up this item from another random player while on a multiplayer session.

One of these gamers, Redditor JeSuisLePamplemous, clarified that they received the item and then received a message when starting the game the next time.

This message stated that the game detected unauthorized tampering. The consequence of this was a quarantine penalty of 180 days.

This means that players can only co-op or PvP online with gamers who are also in quarantine.

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Elden Ring Deathbed Smalls Ban Message
Reddit: u/JeSuisLePamplemous

Possible Fixes for Deathbed Smalls Softban in Elden Ring

Since removing the Deathbed Smalls armor did not fix the problem, this gamer reached out to Bandai Namco for a solution.

In essence, based on this Redditor experience, these are some possible fixes to the Deathbed Smalls softban:

  • First of all, to avoid any bans, if you receive the Deathbed Smalls item online, immediately delete it before rebooting the game! This is not guaranteed to work. But thus far, reports indicate the game enforces the ban once gamers log in the next time.
  • Reach out to Bandai Namco Support, explain the situation, and appeal for the removal of the softban.
  • If Bandai Namco lifts your ban, delete the affected save file to avoid further bans.

According to information this Redditor shared, Bandai Namco was able to lift the soft ban.

However, they also warned that deleting the Deathbed Smalls item would probably not be enough to guarantee the anti-cheat solution would not enforce another ban.

Bandai Namco recommended the Redditor delete the save file of the character affected by the softban.

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Now that you know do not take items from strangers in Elden Ring for the time being!

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Sunday 17th of April 2022

Death panties

Saturday 16th of April 2022

That's what they get... Don't understand y ppl always want handouts in games...

Sunday 17th of April 2022

They could just drop it over a item they're trying to pick up, your assuming people getting banned are trying to get this on purpose when obviously trolls are just trying to get ppl banned, how about not being a jackass to ppl who just got they're whole game ruined

Elden lord

Saturday 16th of April 2022

I have two in my inventory. Never got a single ban. I'm convinced this person's lying. Just yo make an article. Obviously the person who got the ban was doing way more than just picking up an item. But go ahead and try fearmongering to try and get everyone else to feel your ju a try deserved punishment. Prolly for exploiting pvp most likely.

Sunday 17th of April 2022

@d0x360, wait how sekiro? There is no multiplayer whatsoever from what I remember


Saturday 16th of April 2022

@Elden lord, If you're telling the truth just because you haven't been banned yet doesn't mean you won't be.

Give it time and keep leveling up. Though it would be a shame to lose a high level character over an item someone just.. cough.. excuse me sorry, an item someone just randomly dropped 2 of and you picked them up.

It's not like we haven't been hearing stories like this since Dark Souls. Players banned for picking up something someone just dropped. Then we got the same thing with dark souls 2, and again with the dark souls remaster.. and again with Dark Souls 3, and again with Sekiro and now again with Elden Ring.

It's like some kind of pattern that carries a warning. I just can't figure out the final piece!


Saturday 16th of April 2022

This is so dumb... Why remove a finished item anyway? "Oh no it's kinda sexy just NUKE IT FROM THE GAME" Is an extremely prudish thing to do. Don't want your character to be scantily clad? USE ONE OF THE HUNDRED PANTS THE GAME PROVIDES!!!

Saturday 16th of April 2022

This has to be the worst written article I've ever seen. In impressed