If having a legend like Let Me Solo Her wasn’t enough, the Elden Ring community is already working on fan art for the heroic Tarnished!

Elden Ring’s community is thriving and full of creativity. From some amazing fan art to some interesting theories, there’s plenty of great content from fans!

Just earlier, we found out about Let Me Solo Her, an interesting new Tarnished that players had been spotting before Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve now got people making some incredible fan art of the legend himself, in support of his efforts to solo Malenia.

Let Me Solo Her is Now Elden Ring’s Current Mascot

The heroic Let Me Solo Her has gained an adoring community of fans, some of which are creating fan art of the character.

If you haven’t heard about Let Me Solo Her, he’s a Tarnished who has taken the Elden Ring community by storm.

To show their support in favor of the “gigachad”, some fans have created fan art of Let Me Solo Her. Here are some of the best pieces.

The first piece is one of the best. Created by user u/Asphodelophiliac, it imitates a fairly popular anime meme.

Let Me Solo Her Asphodelophiliac Fan Art

The next one is an almost propaganda-like poster of the inspiring Let Me Solo Her, standing over the defeated Malenia. This piece was created by u/MrHappyTinkles.

Let Me Solo Her Poster Fan Art MrHappyTinkles

The last piece, for now, is by user u/gazing_into_void. Similar to the above piece, it shows Let Me Solo Her standing atop Malenia. While it’s uncolored, the hilarity comes from the crossed-out eyes.

Let Me Solo Her Fan Art gazing_into_void

It’s likely that more fan art will come out as Let Me Solo Her’s legend continues. After all, we need a hero to take on The Lands Between!

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