Elden Ring is a game where every decision matters and unlike other games you are able to kill most of the NPCs. Miriel has to be one of the nicest characters From Software ever created and fans are outraged that one player killed him.

Every From Software game is fairly dark with a lot of gloomy NPCs, bosses and other creatures. Having someone like Miriel, a kind warm-hearted turtle is a huge contrast and a welcome change.

There is also another kind character that can even help you in battle. Make sure you know how to complete Alexander’s questline in Elden Ring and get his powerful talisman.

Elden Ring Mriel the Turtle

Players’ Outrage After Player Kills Miriel

The whole demise of Miriels was explained by VG_Crimson. This Redditor shared every detail and dialogue during the process of slowly chipping away Miriel’s HP, so you don’t have to go through this evil ordeal yourself.

Miriel is quite hard to kill as it has a huge health pool. At first, he discourages you to stop your efforts and says he cannot be killed. It is not true.

After hitting him multiple times, he affirms you that he will not retaliate and would never hold this against you. A gentle soul indeed.

At the end if you manage to kill him, he cries in pain and screams. You will gain turtle neck meat and Miriels Bell Bearing as a “reward” for defeating him. Not worth it!

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Players in the comments are outraged but not negatively. In a funny and sophisticated manner, they comment on the situations with statements like:

“The LOATHSOME DUNGEATER” ~redditcasual6969

“Don’t compare the Dung Eater to this guy. That’s an insult to the Dung Eater.” ~SoloWing1

“I’ll pray for you, but I doubt you’ll escape Hell for this.” ~Trova_messorem88

There are even some more savage and satiric comments like:

“Did he drop the hat?” ~Funnycomicsansdog

Miriel is not only kind but also important for everyone. He can read prayer books and sell you some new amazing incantations.

Make sure to check out the list of every known incantation in Elden Ring, some are simply OP, especially for a faith build.

If you want to see more turtles in Elden Ring make sure to see how to solve Tetsu’s Rise puzzle involving three Wise Beasts.

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