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Elden Ring Player Farms for 55 Hours to Reach 1 Billion Runes

After farming Runes in Elden Ring for over 55 hours, one player’s farming wasn’t worth the effort.

Elden Ring is a notoriously difficult game to complete, and its level-up system is incredibly punishing. Die, and you’ll drop all your Runes, losing access to your currency and level-up progress.

Die again without reaching those Runes and they’ll be lost forever. It’s no surprise that some players wanted to find a way to make things easier, and Rune farming soon became a common occurrence.

Initially, players were using Elden Ring Rune farms like this one to gain around 10 million Runes per hour.

Elden Ring Combat

And recently, players have begun to turn on one another, exploiting certain areas to farm PVP players’ Runes while AFK.

Thankfully, there’s a new way to easily kill AFK Rune farmers in Elden Ring, which is helping fans of multiplayer get their own back.

Elden Ring Player Finds Out the Game’s Maximum Rune Cap

One Elden Ring player has been farming Runes for 55 hours in an effort to hit 1 billion. Now, they’ve inadvertently discovered the title’s total Rune cap.

As it turns out, attaining 1 billion Runes simply isn’t possible in FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. Much to Reddit user FSFreeman‘s disappointment upon farming their final few mobs, the game actually has a maximum Rune cap of 999,999,999.

Just one Rune off their goal, the Tarnished failed in their quest. However, they’re sure to be the strongest thing in the Lands Between when they cash in those Runes!

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Elden Ring Mohgwyn Palace Rune Farm
YouTube: Distortion2

Hilariously, although the Elden Ring Rune farmer did know about the Golden Scarab to increase Runes earned, they didn’t make use of the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot which would have made things a lot easier.

At least after 55 hours of grinding, the dedicated fan can finally rest knowing they hit the maximum amount of Runes.

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And a new interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, the Elden Ring creator just revealed his favorite bosses & FromSoftware’s future.

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Monday 30th of May 2022

Or mod the game and just make yourself level 713 in 2 minutes?