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Elden Ring New Magic Leaks Reveal Dragon Transformations

Elden Ring is only weeks away and we’re getting new spells leaking early, with some creative dragon transformations to boot!

It’s a new week and already we’re getting more in the way of Elden Ring leaks. In case you missed it, last week saw the early reveal of the Elden Ring character creator and the customization looks crazy.

But there’s nothing crazier customization-wise than transforming part of your body into a dragon! And it appears that will be possible in Hidetaki Miyazaki’s new game.

Recently, we got some gory new boss fight details for Elden Ring, revealing the details about an insane battle that players will be facing on launch day.

Now, we’re seeing more Elden Ring magic in action, and these new spell leaks were certainly not present in the Network Test.

elden ring boss fight

Elden Ring New Spells Leak – Dragon Magic

It seems that Elden Ring will have a variety of dragon-based spells available, with magic allowing players to take on the qualities of dragons.

We already know that dragons will play a large role in Elden Ring. But what we didn’t know was the extent to which they would play a role in our magical abilities.

Elden Ring players will be able to use spells to help take on the dangerous open-world environments and the enemies that lie within. And some of the stronger abilities include the use of ‘Dragon Magic’ which transforms its user into a powerful beast.

Here are just some of the new spell leaks coming to Elden Ring:

  • Shoulder Charge – Transforms the user’s shoulder into a spiked battering ram and charges forward.
  • Tailwhip – Creates a large tail which whips around the user in a large arc.
  • Claw Slam – Slams down a giant dragon claw which erupts from the user’s arm. Can also chain into a second slam.
  • Bite – Spawns a huge dragon head which chomps down on opoonents directly in front of the user.
  • Dragonfire – Fires a blast of Frost, Blue Fire, Lava, Light, or Curse(?) from a giant dragon head.
  • Frogger – Spits fire constantly in front of the user while they walk slowly.

Not all of the above spells are completely finished in the build that YouTuber StrayKurtis is playing on. And it’s possible that not all of them will appear in Elden Ring at launch.

Recently we saw some last-gen footage of Elden Ring surface online, and the game clearly looks good even on older consoles.

Meanwhile, this insane Elden Ring Collector’s Edition is one of the best special editions we’ve ever seen. A true must-have for any fan.

And after Elden Ring Network Test codes were selling for insane prices on eBay, there’s clearly some real hype for the upcoming game.

There’s a reason that Elden Ring has a spot on our list of the best single-player games releasing in 2022!

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