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Elden Ring Network Test Codes Selling for Insane Price on eBay

Elden Ring fans are desperate to get a code for its upcoming network test, and eBay resellers are having a day with this situation.

The epic collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin is coming early next year.

As the game gets closer to release, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco plan network tests for the game.

Registration for the Elden Ring test beta closed some days ago. Today, fans who registered got their keys for their respective platforms.

This situation has detonated the Elden Ring fever on eBay, with some codes selling for incredibly high prices.

Elden Ring Network Beta Test

Elden Ring Network Test Code Frenzy on eBay

Everything started with an Elden Ring Network Xbox Series X test code selling for $200 on eBay. The rest is history.

Initially, this was a lonely listing that was almost considered a joke rather than something real.

But, in a surprise turn of events, this code sold quite fast.

Mind you, this is more than the $189.99 price asked for the Elden Ring Collector’s Edition bundle!

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Elden Ring Network Code Xbox Series X S eBay Sold

After this, another valiant listing appeared. This time, an eBay seller offered a PS4 Elden Ring test code at even a higher price.

Namely, this code reached the $250 mark.

Elden Ring Network Code PS4 eBay

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Not long after this, a seller raised the bar even higher. A PS5 code was listed at a whopping $271. So far, reaching the highest asking price for an Elden Ring network test code on eBay.

Elden Ring Network Code PS5 eBay

Some sellers were a bit more accessible if you can call it that. PS4 codes listed as auctions started at $81. This amount is still more than the asking price for the whole base game.

Elden Ring Network Code PS4 Auction eBay

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It is unbelievable that a beta test code can be listed at such prices on eBay. But certainly, it is even more impressive to see that they are being sold!

The hype train was fueled some time ago after some Elden Ring gameplay allegedly leaked online.

It seems that the hype train will continue marching full force until the game launches early next year.

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