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Elden Ring Network Status Check Failed Error Affecting Xbox Players

Elden Ring Xbox players are wondering why they receive an error message when logging into the online servers.

Elden Ring is currently sitting as the best-reviewed game in Open Critic despite the issues that players have been reporting since launch.

Players reported frustrations with the servers and could not launch the game online. Even with Elden Ring being a primarily single-player adventure, its online components bring more life and cohesiveness to its player base.

And unfortunately, these issues have reached Xbox players.

Elden Ring Tarnished enters unsual cave

What Causes Network Status Check Failed Elden Ring Error on Xbox

Multiple Xbox players have reported being unable to log into the Elden Ring online servers after receiving an error stating, “Network status check failed.”

Unofficially, many players have linked this Network status check failed Elden Ring connection error to the version of Calibrations installed in the game.

Those players with Calibrations version 1.02.1 can get online, as usual. Although, those on Xbox with a different version are getting the Network status check failed error on Elden Ring.

Bandai Namco has already addressed this situation and officially confirmed online issues on the Xbox platform. Thus far, the problem is still under investigation.

UPDATE: The official Elden Ring Twitter account now reports that the issue should be fixed:

The rest of the original article continues as follows:

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While playing Elden Ring shouldn’t be an issue offline, players would miss some pretty cool features. During online play, Elden Ring gamers can leave messages to one another to help out in the world.

The error has been prevalent for most of the day, and gamers are already out of patience.

Players can also summon other players to help them defeat some of the more difficult sections of the game. This co-op necessity is one of the main reasons many players simply refuse to play offline.

Elden Ring can be difficult when playing offline. With no help from other players, it’s easy to run into traps and ambushes.

In the meantime, some Xbox players are just crossing their fingers for a solution to this Network status check failed Elden Ring error.

If you need some help while playing offline, the newly added Spirit Ashes give players the ability to summon spirits to help in battle.

Ashes of War also give players a special combat ability to imbue their weapons.

And if you’re struggling at the start, make sure you check out our beginners guide of the starting area, Limgrave.

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