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Elden Ring: ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Set to Beat Malenia 1000 Times

The Elden Ring legend ‘Let Me Solo Her’ is on track to beat Malenia for the 1000th time! He’s the hero every Elden Ring player needs.

Elden Ring is really tough, especially the late-game boss battles. However, one boss has given players more trouble than any other.

Malenia, Blade of Miquella, places first on our list of top 5 hardest Elden Ring bosses and so it’s no surprise that players have been struggling to defeat her.

This is why the legendary Elden Ring player ‘Let Me Solo Her’ began defeating Malenia for other players.

However, he seems to have an insatiable desire to defeat this boss in particular and doesn’t look like he will stop any time soon. In fact, Let Me Solo Her is set to beat Malenia for the 1000th time very soon and will be live streaming it!

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‘Let Me Solo Her’ Stream to Show 1000th Malenia Boss Fight Win

The Malenia Destroyer has already become a legend in the community after Elden Ring players created loads of Let Me Solo Her fan art. However, his legendary status is about to grow even more.

Klein Tsuboi, the person behind Let Me Solo Her has announced that he is approaching 1000 Malenia kills.

Not only is this a huge achievement, but he is also planning a live stream to show the momentous kill.

But before you find out how to tune in, find out Let Me Solo Her’s Elden Ring build!

Elden Ring Malenia

To tune in to watch Let Me Solo Her beat the Malenia boss fight for the 1000th time, visit Klein Tsuboi’s YouTube channel at 5 PM CST on May 10.

If this inspires you to take on the boss, make sure to read our guide on how to easily beat Malenia in Elden Ring!

Who knows when Let Me Solo Her will stop beating Malenia? Elden Ring players will hope he doesn’t stop at 1000 and continues for a while longer yet!

In other news, players have found out the mystery behind Elden Ring’s colosseum. This could also be part of Elden Ring’s rumored DLC!

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