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Elden Ring Leak Reveals The Games Possible Release Date

A new Elden Ring leak has revealed the game's alleged release date. Here's what we know about this dark collaboration.

We're not kidding when we say dark collaboration either. Elden Ring is a joint project from two of the most twisted and celebrated minds of the past decade – George RR Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki.

George RR Martin is the author of the hugely successful A Song of Ice and Fire books, which of course, is what Game of Thrones is an adaptation of. While Miyazaki is best known for being the mastermind behind the Demon's, Dark Souls and Bloodborne games.

Elden Ring Concept
Elden Ring Leaked Concept Art

We're sure anything these two men create together will be dark, brutal, and insanely fun – like their previous work. Both Martin and Miyazaki's most notable works share some commonalities.

The Souls games and Game of Thrones/Ice and Fire are set in bleak fantasy worlds. Worlds where the line between good and evil is often blurred.

The heroes are just as likely to meet a violent end as the villains; indeed, morality itself is always fluid. Essentially, they are a match made in hell.

This is why so many people are so excited about Elden Ring. Imagine playing a Souls game laced with GRRM's trademark storytelling.

But thanks to these new Elden Ring leaks, we now may know more about the mysterious title.

Elden Ring Trailer

Elden Ring Leaked Release Date

The Elden Ring announcement trailer didn't tell us much. Although it was reminiscent of Dark Souls art style and, like GoT/Souls, seems to be a fantasy game set in yet another dark, cruel medieval world.

The game recently appeared briefly on Amazon's European website suggesting that it will release on the 31st of December 2021. It has since been removed by FROM SOFTWARE.

We'd take this release date with a pinch of salt. For starters, the 31st of December is a popular placeholder date for many games publishers.

Secondly, as a date to release a major title, the 31st of December is unrealistic. It makes much more sense to release a big title like that before the holidays or in spring. Traditionally speaking anyway.

Elden Ring Leak Price

The price also suggests this listing isn't 100% serious and may be an error on the distributors' part. We imagine nobody will fancy paying $1,499 for a single game.

However, we can extract some information from the Elden Ring leak. One is that the game has appeared as a PS4 listing. This is already something FROM has stated, but as we get further and further into PS5 territory, big releases on PS4 become less likely.

This means that the game may be coming sooner than we think, and while the launch date isn't accurate, the launch window might be. Therefore, our money is on Elden Ring launching either Q4 2021 or Q1 2022 if the leak provides any indication.

Of course, nothing is certain until FROM SOFTWARE says it is. But at least we know the game is still coming. As last year, it's future was in some doubt.

And let's be honest; nothing is certain when it comes to GRRM.

Here's everything we know about Elden Ring all in one place.

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