Key Points
Completion Time:
Less than 5 minutes if you have already unlocked the Sites of Grace in Leyndell
Must Haves:
Must obtain it before defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade in Crumbling Farum Azula
Access to Leyndell Royal Capital

Elden Ring’s Incantations offers players a fantastic support spell in its late-game, Law of Regression.

In Elden Ring, players can opt for two main branches of spell casting, Incantations, and Sorceries. Each of these spell categories offers a wide variety of options for support and offensive strategies.

Incantations even include OP Dragon Spells if you have the right build to cast them!

The game provides many ways to expand the Incantation options available for your build. You can obtain them through Prayerbooks, quests, defeating bosses, and more!

As you reach one of the last areas of The Lands Between, you will have access to the Law or Regression Incantation, a fantastic support spell!

Elden Ring Incantations

Law of Regression Incantation – Location & More

Where to find the Law of Regression Incantation in Elden Ring

To learn this spell, you need to find the Gold Order Principia Prayerbook, which is located in the Erdtree Sanctuary at Leyndell, Capital City, and give it to Brother Cohryn or Pastor Miriel.

You need to obtain this item before defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade. Else, the event that takes place after this boss will eliminate the Golden Order Principia Prayerbook from Leyndell.

If you need additional help getting to the location of this Prayerbook, here is how to find the Golden Order Principia in Elden Ring.

Golden Order Principia Location and Map Leyndell Elden Ring
Source: Map Genie

Law of Regression Incantation – Effects, Uses, & Requirements

The Law of Regression Incantation heals all ailments and dispels all special effects upon casting. Also, this Incantation reveals illusory walls and mimicry magic such as the Mimic Veil!

One thing to consider is that this Incantation also dispels any Sorcery or Incantation already active. For example, Law of Regression can dispel a lightning spear already mid-air.

To cast Law of Regression, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • 1 Spell Slot available for memorizing the spell
  • 37 INT
  • 55 FP Points for casting
  • 50 Stamina Points available

Most Incantations rely mostly on Faith. However, as you can see, just as in most Golden Orden Incantations, Intelligence is required for casting Law of Regression.

This Incantation also plays a role in Brother Cohryn’s questline. In fact, it helps players reveal one of the biggest plot twists in Elden Ring!

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Law of Regression PvP

That is everything there is to know about the Law of Regression Incantation in Elden Ring!

Source: Elden Ring Wiki

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