Wondering how to finish the Latenna questline in Elden Ring? Here’s a full guide to help you nab that Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone!

Elden Ring is full of lengthy questlines, but others aren’t quite so complex. Thankfully, Latenna is one of the easier quests to complete in FromSoftware’s latest title, but it’s still confusing if you don’t know what to do.

But despite the easy quest, the reward for completing Latenna’s mission is a big one. A Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone is as rare as it is a mouthful, with only 8 known locations in the game so far.

This item will strengthen special armaments to +10, meaning it’s a must-have when upgrading Elden Ring’s best weapons.

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How to Complete Latenna Questline – Full Guide

Elden Ring Castle Sol Location - Latenna Questline
  • Make your way up the stairs and through the castle. While you’re here, don’t forget to grab one of Elden Ring’s Legendary Armaments – the Eclipse Shotel!
  • Then, carry on up the castle until you get to the boss gate.
  • You’ll need to defeat Commander Niall and his two Spectral Banished Knights next. Use Elden Ring’s most overpowered Spirit Ash to help tank some damage while you stay clear of Niall and focus on the knights.
  • Then, continue up the elevator nearby and collect the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) from the top of the castle.
  • You’ll be heading back to the Grand Lift of Rold Site of Grace next, where you’ll have the option to hoist the secret medallion. Doing so will gain you access to the Consecrated Snowfield.
Apostate Derelict Location - Latenna Questline
  • In the land of Miquella’s Haligtree, Latenna will speak to you once again. Travel North, to Apostate Derelict.
  • Just in front of the giant Albinauric woman, summon Latenna and speak to her once more to receive your Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone!

Now that you’ve got access to the Consecrated Snowfield, don’t miss this portal to a secret Elden Ring location, Mohgwyn Palace.

And if you’re looking for something good to upgrade with your new item, here’s a guide to the best Strength and Dexterity weapons in Elden Ring!

Many thanks to Gamers from Mars for making a full video guide for the Latenna questline in Elden Ring. Check out the walkthrough below:

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