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Elden Ring Invasions Are Overwhelming Players After Latest Update

Elden Ring players have voiced their concerns over the overwhelming amount of invasions following the latest update.

Despite being a primarily story-driven experience, Elden Ring has managed to develop quite a large PVP community. This includes invasions and duels.

Although, with the most recent update, many players have felt that there has been an overwhelmingly significant increase in invasions.

How Did Invasions Change in the Latest Update?

In the Elden Ring 1.06 patch update, players were given the ability to invade a much larger area. Even regions that are very far from their current location.

The update also changed how players would be able to summon help. This made it easier for players to find support against bosses, but it also made it easier for invaders to appear in their game.

Elden Ring The Lands Between

Why Are Players Overwhelmed by the Invasion Changes in Elden Ring?

Players have to fend off Invasions much more frequently due to the increased Invasion distance changes Elden Ring made in the 1.06 patch update. This forces them to stop their task and use resources while exploring dungeons or preparing for a boss fight.

Here are a few issues that players have found with the new Invasion changes:

  • The Invasions in Elden Ring were initially a lot less bothersome, which resulted in a more casual and accessible experience.
    • Casual players felt that an Invasion was a rare obstacle, and most could fend it off a few times during a play session.
    • Now, Invasions are happening much more often.
    • Players doing a cooperative session to clear dungeons will likely have to deal with multiple invaders in a single dungeon run.
  • Elden Ring has a cooldown timer between Invasions, and some players are finding this timeframe frustratingly short.
    • We know of the existence due to the description of the Taunter’s Tongue, which states that it “shortens the interval between windows of opportunity for invasion.”
  • Invasions immediately happen when a player summons someone for help.
    • This is frustrating because they have to use their flasks and items to fend off the invader right before a major boss fight.

Singe-players are still safe thanks to the fact that Invasions can only happen in a coop lobby. Most invasions tend to happen to players trying to clear every dungeon in Elden Ring with their friends.

What Are Elden Ring Players Saying About the Invasions Update?

Players have taken to social media and different forums to voice their concerns about the increased frequency of Invasions in Elden Ring, pushing them to use more resources and delay their in-game progress.

One Reddit user shared how the new Invasions update had prevented him from enjoying his usual Elden Ring dungeon crawls with his wife.

Another Reddit user exclaimed how frustrating it was to summon a player only to be invaded seconds after.

Although, there are other players that seem to enjoy the update to Invasions since it makes it a lot easier to find someone to invade now.

Some players even think Invasions might be too long in their current form.

Whatever the case, this is the most active the PVP community has been in the past few months. So, the update certainly did help bring some life to the community, but maybe there should be some sort of time restrictions for those looking for a more casual experience.

If you’re struggling with PVP and Invasions in Elden Ring, then here are some guides that will help you out:

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