The Grace Mimic is the best item to troll other players in Elden Ring PvP – here’s what it does and where you can get it!

While Elden Ring is primarily about defeating difficult bosses, the game also has a very enjoyable multiplayer component. Well, it’s fun if you don’t have trolls invading your world.

For many players who know how to invade other players’ worlds in Elden Ring, tracking down and defeating other Tarnished isn’t enough. They really need to gloat about their victory.

One of the most annoying ways players are doing this is by using the Grace Mimic item. If you fancy getting your own back, find out what this item does and where you can find it below!

Elden Ring Grace

How to Use Grace Mimic in Elden Ring PvP

The Grace Mimic is a consumable item in Elden Ring that places a fake Site of Grace on the ground, and you can use it directly from your inventory or equip it to your Quick Items or Pouch for easier access.

Trolls in Elden Ring’s PvP have been heading to the best PvP duel locations in Elden Ring and using the Grace Mimic to annoy others. This item is particularly useful for setting up traps or even as a way of gloating after defeating someone in battle!

Plus, combining this with the ridiculous Mimic’s Veil tool can make for some insanely funny situations.

However, if you want to invade worlds to mess with other players, you’ll need to know how to get the Grace Mimic first. Additionally, you’ll want to get the Bloody Finger item that gives you unlimited invasions!

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Elden Ring Grace Mimic

How to Get Grace Mimic in Elden Ring

You can get Grace Mimics in Elden Ring using the following methods:

  • You can buy Grace Mimics from Patches after he sets up his shop.
  • Gatekeeper Gostoc will give you one if you speak to him while he follows you around Stormveil Castle.
  • Additionally, there are plenty you can find around the Lands Between:
    • 3 are in the graveyard n Raya Lucaria Academy.
    • 5 are in the large cavern in the Sealed Tunnel.
    • 3 more can be found in a corpse at Leyndell, Royal Capital, near the graveyard entrance.
  • Finally, you can also craft the Grace Mimic using 1x Erdleaf Flower and 1x Human Bone Shard.

Good luck invading worlds and trolling other Elden Ring players using the Grace Mimic. Although, expect other players to try to annoy you back!

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