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Elden Ring Invader Gets Summoned by Rennala Mid Boss Fight

One Elden Ring invader surprises even themselves, by seemingly getting summoned by Rennala in the middle of her boss fight.

Elden Ring PVP allows invaders to join other players’ worlds and take them down for a reward. Doing so might ruin the day of some unlucky player, but at least you can control when an invader has access to your game.

Invaders can usually only enter your Lands Between if you’re playing co-op with an ally, or if you invite them with an item. Lately, players have recently begun farming Runes while AFK by making it impossible for invaders to kill them.

Elden Ring Rennala

If you want to avoid invaders, you always have the option of playing Elden Ring offline, or running through a boss gate. But one PVP fan just found their way into a boss encounter, as if summoned by Rennala herself!

Recently we made a list of the top 5 boss fights in Elden Ring. And while Rennala didn’t make the cut, perhaps adding this glitch permanently could change matters.

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Elden Ring Invader Appears in Rennala Boss Fight

One Elden Ring invader was heading into PVP multiplayer when they found themselves pulled into a boss fight, on Rennala’s side!

If you’ve ever wanted to team up with an Elden Ring boss, a new glitch appears to be making that possible. Rennala is one of the easier boss encounters in FromSoftware’s notoriously tricky title, but she can put up a good fight.

In her second phase, the Queen of the Full Moon begins summoning spectral enemies to combat the player. And it seems that one player somehow joined the battle too, fighting alongside the Demigod.

After getting over the initial surprise, the player discovers that they’re actually teaming up with the iconic boss. Elden Ring mobs aren’t hostile to invaders, so it’s as though the player is simply another one of Rennala’s summons.

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Elden Ring Rennala

Luckily for the Tarnished taking on Rennala, their new invader met a swift end despite also seemingly having unlimited Stamina.

Clearly it shouldn’t be possible to join enter PVP mid boss fight. But something about Rennala’s battle appears to allow invaders to enter the game on rare occasions.

Reddit user TheGreatZephyrical explains:

“There’s a glitch at the moment where if you invade at a specific time you won’t be kicked out after the host goes through the boss door. Combine that with the fact that Second phase Rennala transports all players to a secondary location and this is the result.”

We’d love to see a mod that lets us side with Elden Ring bosses to some extent. And now that one new mod lets players seamlessly co-op through the Lands Between, the sky is the limit!

Plus, don’t miss the Game Boy demake of Elden Ring that a talented fan has put together.

Recently, the Elden Ring creator revealed his own favorite boss fights! Did any of your favorites make the cut?

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Comments 5



Tuesday 14th of June 2022

Reminds me of DS2 when you could be summoned from the Looking Glass Knight's mirror to help him fight the player


Friday 10th of June 2022

In Demon's Souls a similar mechanic was part of the game, invaders would take the role of the boss in one of the areas.


Friday 10th of June 2022

this is a pretty cool glitch


Friday 10th of June 2022

Reminds me of how you could invade into boss fights in dark souls 3, fun stuff


Saturday 11th of June 2022

@Serviner, I played the entire game and did not know that lol. I would be... Unhappy if I was invaded by a hostile player during a boss fight, especially this one.