In Elden Ring, players are able to wreak magical havoc using Incantations and Sorcery. Here’s everything you need to know about casting these powerful abilities!

Players looking to embark into the magical realms of the Lands Between need to prepare themselves with powerful abilities or risk losing their progress.

Elden Ring has plenty of unique and interesting starting classes, each catered to a different style of play.

Some of these classes will allow players to begin their adventure with the ability to use magic. But, eventually, every player will be able to use magic if they invest their skills in the right stats.

But not all magic is the same in Elden Ring. It divides its magical abilities into two different systems, Incantations, and Sorcery.

Elden Ring Magic

How to Use Incantations and Sorcery in Elden Ring

How to Equip Sorcery and Incantations

Players are able to easily equip Sorceries and Incantations in Elden Ring directly from a Site of Grace.

To swap spells follow these steps:

  • Head over to the nearest Site of Grace.
  • Rest at the Site of Grace to bring up the menu.
  • Choose the Memorize Spell option.
  • Select which spells you want to equip into your inventory.

After equipping said spells, gamers can now use them mid-battle. This process works identically for both Incantations and Sorceries.

And you’re set. From here, you can leave the Site of Grace, and you’ll be able to use all the spells and incantations you equipped.

You’ll be able to find a complete list of both Sorcery Spells and Incantations here:

How to Cast Spells in Elden Ring

If you have the necessary Faith or Intelligence stats for casting the spell you want, follow these steps:

  • For starters, players should equip a catalyst, which can be a Staff for Sorceries or a Sacred Seal for Incantations.
  • Once a catalyst is equipped, you’ll need to select the spell you want to cast by scrolling through the ones you have memorized with the up arrow on your D-Pad.
  • Use your Staff or Sacred Seal to cast the spell. Make sure you have enough FP to cast it!

Casting both Incantations and Sorceries will consume Focus Points. So players need to make sure they understand what Focus Points are and how to get more of them.

Players who choose a starting class with powerful magical attributes will be able to cast spells from the beginning.

Other classes will need to build their Faith and Intelligence stats up to cast Incantations or Sorceries.

If you’re having a hard time doing so, certain armors and talismans will help boost certain stats pretty quickly. Or activating Godrick’s Great Rune will automatically boost all your stats.

Once all these requirements have been fulfilled, players will be ready to create chaos with their abilities.

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What Are Incantations In Elden Ring?

Incantations serve as the spells based on Elden Ring’s Faith stat. There are more support-based Incantations than Sorceries.

This means that players looking to build a class better suited for multiplayer might favor Incantations.

Elden Ring Incantations

Players must find Incantations scattered throughout the expansive map of Elden Ring, the Lands Between, and through various NPCs.

Incantations allow players to build powerful Faith builds that can prove to be deadly in PVP or against endgame bosses.

To increase the strength of Incantations, players will need to raise up their Faith stat. Doing so will allow players to wield powerful builds like the Black Flame Mage.

What Are Sorceries In Elden Ring?

Sorceries serve as the magic spells that revolves around Elden Ring’s Intelligence stat.

Some of the most powerful single attacks from different Sorcery Spells. Including the Comet Azur Sorcery that can one-shot a boss.

Most Sorcery Spells can be found scattered through the Lands Between. A few others can be purchased from NPCs such as Thops or even Sorceress Sellen.

Elden Ring Spells

Venturing into Sorceress Sellen’s quest will also allow players to find some of the strongest Intelligence based armor and spells in Elden Ring.

Players’ ability to use Sorceries will grow alongside their Intelligence stat. Intelligence will be vital for players looking to boost their magical properties, including magic resistance.

As your Intelligence increase, so will the damage of your Sorcery spells. Build enough of it, and you’ll be able to dominate your enemies with the Frost Mage Build and its freeze capabilities.

Elden Ring Site of Lost Grace

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