FromSoftware games have always featured quirky gimmicks, whether that’s in their boss fights or weapon arsenals. Here’s how you can use the Mimic’s Veil item to take advantage of Elden Ring janky AI and troll PvP players.

The Mimic’s Veil is also available in multiplayer, allowing for some truly hilarious Invader trolling, as seen further down the page…

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Last Updated - September 7, 2022 - Edited the instructions on the location of the Mimic's Veil for an easier route to get this item

What is the Mimic’s Veil?

The Mimic Veil is an item that has the unique ability to transform the wearer into the form of a nearby object, at the cost of 6 FP.

Where to Find the Mimic’s Veil

You can locate the Mimic’s Veil in the Stormveil Castle in Limgrave:

  • Spawn at the Rampart Tower Site of Grace and head outside.
  • Continue the path, take the stairs down, and then take the rooftop on the right that connects to another building.
  • Go around the circular opening, continue right, and take the ladder to the level below.
  • Follow this path, and you will eventually reach a room with a Banished Knight that is protecting a chest. The Mimic Veil is inside this chest.

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Elden Ring Mimic's Veil Location

How to Exploit Elden Ring’s Enemy AI

While using the Mimic’s Veil, as long as you’re not moving, the AI will not notice you. It also seems to reduce the detection range when you are moving, so it’s great to get across open areas that are covered by archers.

Take advantage of this, but use our ‘Invincible’ build to see you through any close-quarters battle!

Check out the AI’s reaction in the video below from YouTuber Adddicteddd!

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How to Troll in PvP

Take into account these tips to use the Mimic Veil to troll PvP invaders:

  • Examine your surroundings and align yourself in a position that looks most natural. You’re unlikely to fit in in the center of any room.
  • Wait until the invader gets bored and leaves, or if the right opportunity presents itself, roll out and hit them from behind.

Now, trolling is usually not good for the world of multiplayer gaming. Typically, it ruins the experience and makes the victim’s play session less enjoyable.

However, can it really be considered trolling if it’s using a genuine mechanic that’s being used for its intended purpose?

Of course, when it comes to PvP, you’d expect real-life enemies to have more situational awareness than some of the worst AI in modern gaming. People spend hours putting together the best PvP builds specifically to take you down.

Occasionally, you’ll end up transforming into something extra challenging to disguise. Take a look at this video from Reddit user CjJcPro. Not the invaders’ proudest Elden Ring moment, that’s for sure.

Or if you’re still confused by Elden Ring’s complex multiplayer access methods, here’s each item you’ll need and what they do!

Now you’re equipped with the knowledge of just how powerful the Mimic’s Veil can be when utilized properly. Have fun experimenting with it and see if you can pull the wool over your enemy’s eyes just like this.

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