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Elden Ring: How to Use Mimic’s Veil to Exploit AI, Troll PvP

FromSoftware games have always featured quirky gimmicks, whether that’s in their boss fights or weapon arsenals. Here’s how you can use the Mimic’s Veil item to take advantage of Elden Ring janky AI and troll PvP players.

Picture the scene: You’re surrounded by a group of enemies, your HP is in single-digits and all hope seems to be lost. Except, the AI soldiers have quit swinging their weapons, and are brainlessly staring at each other.

Also, you’re a potted plant now…?

No, you haven’t eaten one of those Melted Mushrooms that you collected whilst passing through Nokron. But rather, you’ve equipped the Mimic’s Veil and sent the enemy AI into a stupor.

And this is all by using a totally legitimate in-game item that can be obtained as early as the first Legacy Dungeon!

The Mimic’s Veil is also available in multiplayer, allowing for some truly hilarious Invader trolling, as seen further down the page…

If you’re having trouble getting into Stormveil Castle, check out our guide to defeating Margit, the Fell Omen who stands in your way!

Elden Ring Stormveil Castle

What is the Mimic’s Veil?

This intriguing item has the unique ability to transform the wearer into the form of a nearby object, at the cost of FP. Hiding out in some catacombs? Expect to turn into a statue. On a castle wall? Maybe a wooden crate.

It’s up to you to get the best out of your new body.

Where to Find the Mimic’s Veil

The Mimic’s Veil is actually very easy to locate in Elden Ring. If you’ve thoroughly explored Limgrave, including Stormveil Castle, then there’s a good chance you already found it!

Spawn at the Rampart Tower Site of Grace and head outside. Look to your right and you’ll notice a slab jutting out over the edge. That’s intentional, to prompt you to jump.

Take a running leap over the large gap and you’ll just about clear it, landing on an opposite rooftop. Drop down behind the two enemies patrolling the castle wall and enter the room that they came out of.

Carry on through and across the narrow balcony-type walkway, then you’ll be one level above the Grafted Scion field boss. That’s the spider-like creature, the same type that killed you during the game’s opening.

Don’t jump down, but rather go right and exit onto the rooftop again. Ahead of you will be another room, with a formidable knight enemy on patrol. You don’t need to take him out, but it’ll make grabbing the Veil easier.

Inside this room, there’s an elevated platform with a treasure chest. Inside the chest, you’ll find the Mimic’s Veil!

For a more offensive take on mimicry, follow our guide to obtain the lethal Mimic’s Tear, considered essential by the Elden Ring community!

Elden Ring Mimic's Veil Location

How to Exploit Elden Ring’s AI

It’s common knowledge that AI in FromSoftware’s ‘Souls series’ is rudimentary by design, not interfering with the player’s test of skill by throwing up any major surprises.

However, the Mimic’s Veil takes this to new heights by exposing just how braindead the enemies can really be. That’s because whilst using the Mimic’s Veil, as long as you’re not moving, the AI will not notice you.

It also seems to reduce the detection range when you are moving, so it’s great to get across open areas that are covered by archers! Take advantage of this, but use our ‘Invincible’ build to see you through any close-quarters battle!

What’s even more amazing – and potentially game-changing – is that this exploit is said to also work on bosses. So, if there’s a certain boss fight that you need to open with a sneaky backstab, consider this tactic!

Check out the AI’s reaction in the video below from YouTuber Adddicteddd!

Or if you’re looking for a build to wreck those bosses once they’ve rumbled you, here’s an OP Dragon Knight loadout that will give anyone a run for their money.

How to Troll in PvP

Now, trolling is usually not good for the world of multiplayer gaming. Typically, it ruins the experience and makes the victim’s play session less enjoyable.

Recently, PvP Rune farming has blown up after the discovery of AFK glitches that can build up thousands of Runes for the glitcher. Luckily, other gamers have developed creative ways of stopping them in their tracks.

However, can it really be considered trolling if it’s using a genuine mechanic that’s being used for its intended purpose?

Of course, when it comes to PvP, you’d expect real-life enemies to have more situational awareness than some of the worst AI in modern gaming. People spend hours putting together the best PvP builds specifically to take you down.

That’s why you need to think more contextually when invaded by another Tarnished. Examine your surroundings and align yourself in a position that looks most natural. You’re unlikely to fit in in the center of any room.

Wait until the invader gets bored and leaves, or if the right opportunity presents itself, roll out and hit them with a sucker punch from behind! There’s no shame in deception.

Occasionally, you’ll end up transforming into something extra challenging to disguise. Take a look at this video from Reddit user CjJcPro. Not the invaders’ proudest Elden Ring moment, that’s for sure.

Or if you’re still confused by Elden Ring’s complex multiplayer access methods, here’s each item you’ll need and what they do!

Now you’re equipped with the knowledge of just how powerful the Mimic’s Veil can be when utilized properly. Have fun experimenting with it and see if you can pull the wool over your enemy’s eyes just like this.

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And when your cover is blown, you’ll want to use this overpowered Faith build to smash your foes in multiplayer!

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