Elden Ring lets players switch from one-handed to a two-handed weapon on the go. Learn how, and why, to two hand an Elden Ring weapon.

Elden Ring’s variety of weapons means some equipment can be used both in one-handed and two-handed stances.

Elden Ring’s customization and crafting, amongst other things, has fans eager to research before they get started. And we’re here to help you with that!

Building a certain character is essential in any role-playing game, and knowing how to use a two-handed weapon is a great skill for any player.

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How to Switch to a Two-Handed Weapon Stance in Elden Ring

Holding down the Y or Triangle button, then pressing either right shoulder or left shoulder buttons will convert a one-handed weapon into a two-handed weapon.

Using the Y (Triangle) button and then pressing RB or RT (R1 or R2) will set the two-handed weapon into a right armament. This means using the right shoulder or right trigger buttons will attack.

If you want to use a left armament, simply press Y (Triangle) and then LB or LT (L1 or L2). This allows you to attack with the left shoulder and trigger buttons.

Entering a two-handed stance means you’ll have a different move set compared to that of a one-handed stance. Depending on the weapon, this can be used against certain enemies or bosses.

You can use the images below to see the control scheme for both PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

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Elden Ring PS Control Scheme
Elden Ring Controller Scheme for Xbox

Elden Ring 2 Hand Video Walkthrough

Knowing how to use your weapon is only half of the fun! We also know that Elden Ring’s map is HUGE. There’ll be plenty of weapons for you to find and use!