Gestures, a classic staple of Soulslikes, are back once again in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring borrows a lot from the classic Souls formula. The game does not depart from its roots, bringing back the high level of difficulty the series is famous for.

There are gigantic bosses, intricate dungeons, and a ton of invasions. Although, all these familiar aspects are mixed in with a vast amount of new mechanics that make Elden Ring feel quite fresh.

Gamers can now craft useful items, enjoy a magnificent open world, and have a lot more freedom of exploration.

Even though all these new elements are there, small mechanics such as gestures and other classic features make Elden Ring feel like a true FromSoftware game. Thus, making fans feel right at home.

Speaking of gestures, here is everything you need to know about re-binding and turning off motion gestures in Elden Ring!

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Where to Turn Off and Re-Bind Gestures in Elden Ring

You can quickly turn off and re-bind gestures directly from the Elden Ring menu, from the Game Options Tab.

Turn Off Motion Control Elden Ring Gestures on PS5 & PS4

On PS4 and PS5, you can access gestures via motion control by pressing and holding the Triangle button and moving your controller in the direction the emote you want has assigned.

You can easily see what motion each gesture has assigned by pressing the option button. Once the menu opens, you should see the motion each gesture has assigned.

These are the steps to turn off motion-based gestures in Elden Ring:

  • Press the Options button to open the main menu
  • Select the Systems option
  • Go to the Game Options Tab
  • Select the Motion Sensor Functions and turn it off

This quick way of accessing gestures can be pretty helpful when you want to communicate while playing with random gamers online.

Elden Ring PS5 PS4 Motion Gestures Turn Off

Re-Bind Gestures in Elden Ring on PS5, PS4, Xbox, & PC

You can easily re-bind the gestures you can access from the quick gesture menu. This menu is located on the right side when you press the options button.

Follow these steps to re-bind gestures in Elden Ring:

  • Press the Options button (Menu on Xbox consoles and PC)
  • Use your D-Pad to arrow keys to navigate to the gesture menu on the left side of the screen
  • Move to the gesture you want to rebing and select it with Traingle, Y, or the F key depending on your system, this will open a menu with all the available gestures
  • Select the gesture you want to bind

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Rebind Gestures Elden Ring

These are easy ways to turn off and re-bind gestures in Elden Ring!

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