Elden Ring is a huge Souls-like game with an open world. There is a main storyline as well as many side and optional activities. So how do you track quests in Elden Ring?

First off, Elden Ring is not your typical open-world game. The map itself is very unclear, with not many reminders of what to do at the specific moment.

What’s more, Elden Ring is a fairly difficult game. If you are playing as a sorcerer, you might want to find this very powerful weapon for early game.

Otherwise, why not grab some of the best starting weapons in Elden Ring to help carry you through the game.

Elden Ring Slumbering Wolf Shack

All Methods to Track Quests in Elden Ring

Main Missions and Bosses

The main quest line is highlighted in Elden Ring by yellow paths going from your Sites of Grace. You can also see locations of all Sites of Grace in the game here.

This yellow line directs you in the general vicinity of the main story. It often shows you the way towards the main bosses of the game.

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Track Side Quests

To put it simply, there is no quest log or a journal where you can look. The best way to remember which character is located where is, therefore, to make your own notes.

You can note things down on a physical notepad or a digital one. I would recommend making short info about the potential side activities some characters have suggested to you.

Having detailed notes will certainly help with some of the longer missions such as Ranni’s questline!

Not having a quest log is a great way to be immersed even more in the world of Elden Ring. I personally write the most important stuff down in my default notepad on my phone. You can also use Notepad on your PC or Word, or any other digital text program.

There is another way to make it a bit simpler. You can use “stamps” on your minimap, so it highlights some points of interest for you, as shown on the image below.

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Elden Ring Map Markers
Markers in Elden Ring

You open this menu by pressing X on Xbox, and Square button on PlayStation. Every area of the Elden Ring map has some kind of mystery within. Some locations even show up on your minimap, such as castles or ruins.

Make sure to take your time while exploring, because you might just miss an interesting character or item. Utilize markers and take notes, because the game will not keep track of the quests for you.

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