Elden Ring brings big changes to the tried-and-tested FromSoftware formula, but the Power Stance legacy feature is being revived for the new title.

Elden Ring is the biggest and most ambitious FromSoftware title to date, with the Lands Between being a huge open-world for players to explore. The setting and lore, crafted alongside fantasy writer George R. R. Martin, give gamers a reason to explore every inch.

But, Elden Ring also brings back a long-forgotten mechanic last seen in Dark Souls II that will aid your boss-slaying throughout the game’s hugely expansive map.

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How to Power Stance in Elden Ring

Dark Souls II’s “Powerstancing” is returning in Elden Ring. Here’s how it works!

In Dark Souls II, left and right-handed attacks used the same attack animations until Powerstancing was activated.

Once activated (by pressing Triangle/Y on console or ‘N’ on PC) the left-handed attack instead triggered a new attack that truly unleashed the potential of dual-wielding.

The player’s character would slash both weapons in a more effective (and cooler) way. In turn, this allowed for the possibility to build your character around dual-wielding and Power Stance attacks.

However, the Power Stance in Elden Ring has a couple of important differences.

In Dark Souls II, Power Stance required players to have a strength level 1.5 times that needed to wield each weapon.

However, the process has been simplified in Elden Ring, with Power Stance activating when dual-wielding two matching weapons, regardless of strength.

This falls in line with FromSoftware’s plan to make Elden Ring more accessible to casual gamers than its previous games.

You’ll definitely want to make the most of Power Stance. It’ll unlock wild new combat abilities that could help turn the tide of battle!

Also, the variety of Elden Ring armor sets, will make your defense as tough as your attacks!

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What Does Power Stance Do?

Elden Ring’s Power Stance mechanic uses the dual-wield ability to allow powerful new attacks. The standard attack patterns will be replaced with unique strikes that deal extra damage.

They also bring new animations to the game, adding variety to each fight and expanding your arsenal.

If Powerstancing will alter your playstyle, check out our guide to every class available at the start of your journey!

The video below tells you everything you need to know about Elden Ring’s Power Stance:

And if you’re waiting to hear what the critics think about Elden Ring, find out when the review embargo is ending!

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