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Elden Ring: How to Make Torrent Faster

FromSoftware’s first attempt at a true open-world game has been a roaring success, but sometimes traversing the map can take a while. Here’s how you can exploit Elden Ring mechanics to make Torrent run faster!

The Lands Between is one of the largest open-world maps in video game history. Despite its massive scale, FromSoftware still managed to cram it full of interesting secrets and adventurous quests.

But, this can sometimes be a problem, especially given Elden Ring’s unforgiving respawn mechanics that may leave you miles from where you were when you were killed.

For example, die inside the Four Belfies’ portals and you’ll respawn back on top of their hill and have to make your way back through the Sending Gate! You won’t want to miss the loot through each portal!

In a game where you die as much as this, you’ll want to be returning to retrieve your Runes and claim revenge as soon as possible, so here’s how you can make the most of your trusty spectral steed, Torrent.

Once you can summon your horse, traversal becomes much easier, but this exploit will help him find an extra gear. And don’t worry about getting banned – It’s not a hack or a glitch!

FromSoftware have been cracking down on hackers. Here’s how some players have been getting banned by a pair of panties. Don’t get caught out yourself!

elden ring horse

Torrent Speed Test

YouTuber Last Protagonist recently uploaded two videos testing your mount’s pace, having Torrent run in a straight line and timing his dash towards a ‘finish line’ location.

A broken bridge acted as the running track, with the timer starting on the exact frame that Torrent moves, and finishing once the horse drops off of the edge of the structure.

Elden Ring’s “You Died” screen was used to calculate the exact ending frame of the test. After all, they do say that death is the ‘great equalizer.’

Well, that is unless Torrent gains the ability to fly like he does if you perform this glitch. Doing so will also net you unlimited Runes!

The variable in each performance was the method of sprinting: In the first video, Last Protagonist races three times. Firstly, they press B/O once. Secondly, they hold B/O. Thirdly, they mash the B/O sprint button.

Speed was key for this player, too. They defeated all 165 Elden Ring bosses in under TEN hours!

Elden Ring Horse rides across rock bridge

Torrent’s Test One Results

Once both Torrent and Tarnished had fallen to their deaths, the timer was stopped. Pressing & Holding each clocked in equal times: 19.58 seconds.

It turned out to be mashing the sprint button that was most efficient, shaving more than two whole seconds off over a short distance. Coming in at 17:38, it’s clear that mashing sprint is advantageous.

But, the YouTuber wasn’t done there. They took it one step further and experimented some more…

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Torrent’s Test Two Results

This time, Last Protagonist scrutinized the button-mashing mode of transport some more. They decided to perform two more tests, one spamming B/O with reckless abandon, and the other using a more rhythmic, timed approach.

The results this time around were far closer. In fact, the difference between the two methods would be unnoticeable to the naked eye. Only in an edited video would it be evident that there was even a gap!

Here’s something else that you’re not supposed to be able to see – An awesome visual bug that makes the Dark Moon Greatsword look even more epic!

Elden Ring Horse rides towards tree

Wildly spamming sprint whilst riding Torrent was a fraction slower, with the horse registering a time of 17.38 seconds during the YouTuber’s tests.

On the other hand, spacing out their button-mashing a little more got Last Protagonist over the finish line in 17.36 seconds!

Endurance may not make Torrent faster, but it does help you stay on him when under attack! Here are the best builds for a high-endurance character, and every other attribute too!

Meanwhile, fellow YouTuber Leviathan performed a test of their own, checking out whether your carry weight has any effect on Torrent’s speed.

They found that the horse will cross the finish line at the same time, whether you’re a naked Wretch or dressed like General Radahn!

So to conclude, if you’re in a hurry, go crazy on the controller! Torrent can take a kicking.

Or if you’re looking for quick journies over long distances, here’s where you can find every Site of Grace in Elden Ring to fast-travel between!

Also check out this insane gaming achievement – A speedrunner has completed Elden Ring without taking any damage! They definitely mash sprint!

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Tuesday 26th of April 2022

I should have read the comments before I wasted my time reading this article.

Paylo Infinite

Monday 25th of April 2022

I can't believe a human made this

Thursday 21st of April 2022

Absolute joke of an article

Thursday 21st of April 2022

How to make Torrent faster: use the widely available dash button.

This was a useless article and a waste of time.


Thursday 21st of April 2022

Why don't u bums do your own tests and find something new out instead of leeching, acting like you did something at all to contribute to the community