Leaving a message for other Tarnished in Elden Ring can save many carefree players in their journey on The Lands Between!

The Souls franchise has a unique focus on player interaction. Aside from its peculiar take on co-op, you can see the ghosts of other unsuspicious players navigating the same area in their own world.

Also, you can read words of wisdom from other fellow players who want to share some advice on how to traverse the already hostile world.

Elden Ring is no exception to this mechanic. Thanks to these carefully placed messages from other gamers, navigating many areas in The Lands Between will be easier.

If you observe a helpful detail in Elden Ring, make sure to leave a message to other players!

Elden Ring Fight

How to Leave a Message for Other Players in Elden Ring

Leaving a message for other players in Elden Ring is quite simple using the Tarnished’s Wizened Finger and the Messages Menu.

To write a message in Elden Ring, follow these steps:

  • Go to the menu in Elden Ring
  • Select the Messages option
  • The first tab of this menu allows you to write a message and leave it for other players in Elden Ring
  • Select the phrase you want for either a template or individual words
  • Select Finish

Additionally, you can also leave a message in Elden Ring by using the Tarnished’s Wizened Finger directly from your item inventory.

If you leave a message for other players, they can rate it. If a player from another world rates your message, you regain some HP.

Also, Elden Ring allows players to attach gestures to the messages they leave.

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Tarnished Wizened Finger Leave Message Item Elden Ring

Helping other fellow Tarnished by leaving a message when danger is close is the proper attitude of an Elden Lord!

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