As if FromSoftware games weren’t hard enough, Elden Ring brings back the beloved invasion mechanics, allowing users to invade other worlds.

In Elden Ring, players will be facing off against overwhelming odds, tremendous bosses, and deadly environments. However, sometimes your most dangerous foes can be other players.

Like the Dark Souls franchise, Elden Ring gives players the ability to transport themselves into other players’ worlds, whether they’re willing to fight or not.

Once there, you’re able to engage in a PvP duel to the death, for little reason other than to pester other Tarnished in their quest.

Make sure you know how Sorceries and Incantations work in Elden Ring to defend against enemy invaders!

elden ring summons invasion

And by knowing where to find all of Elden Ring’s Spirit Ashes Summons, you’ll give yourself a reliable ally in battle.

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How Do Invasions Work? Elden Ring PvP Explained

Elden Ring invasion is a mechanic by which players can travel into other users’ games by using Bloody Fingers.

And while Elden Ring is primarily a single-player title, PvP is entirely possible in The Lands Between.

Players should know that Co-op & Multiplayer is possible in Elden Ring, if you’re the type of gamer who enjoys playing with friends. But so too is PvP combat, and you don’t always get a say in when it’s time for it.

However, there is a way to turn invasions off in Elden Ring, should a player not be willing to make their game any harder.

To invade another player’s world, you’ll need a Bloody Finger. When used, this item will attempt to matchmake you into an enemy realm, where you’ll be tasked with defeating the Host of Fingers.

Elden Ring PvP

Be wary; other summons may be there to assist the Host, and only by defeating your target will your mission be complete. What’s more, your overall Flask usage will be cut in half while invading, putting you at a disadvantage.

One thing you do have to work with is Phantom Bloody Fingers which, when used, will reposition you to a new location relatively quickly. Using the teleportation item could give you the breather you need to heal and rejoin the fight.

You won’t need invasion to unlock any of the Elden Ring Trophies or Achievements. However, we definitely suggest you give it a go if only to help better prepare you for enemy invaders of your own!

Also, be certain to learn how Elden Ring Power Stances work, and you’ll be defeating the Host of Fingers in no time.

You should also try and get as many Focus Points as possible using this method to be an unstoppable force in combat!

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