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Elden Ring: How to Get the Urumi Whip – Location + Map

Here’s where you can find the location of the Urumi whip and complete your Daul-Whip build in Elden Ring!

Players have been finding the powers of dual-wielding whips in Elden Ring. Launching a flurry of attacks from short to mid-range quickly can do great deals of damage.

Especially when you’re using powerful whips like the Hoslow’s Petal Whip, you can obtain by completing Diallos’ questline in Elden Ring.

But to get the full power of this build, you’ll need to dual wield.

Thankfully, pairing the Hoslows’ Petal Whip with the Urumi can output the type of damage that players might’ve only dreamed of before.

Here is where you can find the Urumi in Elden Ring.

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Update 9/02/22
- Edited Urumi location instructions for accuracy
Elden Ring Urumi Whip

Where to Get Urumi in Elden Ring Location + Map

Elden Ring players will be able to find the Urumi at Caria Manor, in the northwest area of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Elden Ring Urumi Location

Follow these instructions to obtain the Urumi at the Caria Manor:

  • You can reach the Caria Manor by following the main road north of the Road to the Manor Grace
  • Progress in the manor until you reach the Manor Upper-Level Site of Grace
  • From there, take the elevator downwards. Once you reach the bottom, head out towards the narrow stone paths.
  • As soon as you descend the stairs, look to your left from here. There will be a lit-up blue torch on the level below. Jump towards it.
Elden Ring Urumi Location Guide
  • From this area, go right towards the set of stairs. Head down and then turn left to find the Urumi protected by a group of hand enemies.
Elden Ring Urumi Whip

Daul Wield builds like the OP Health Regen Vampire Build allows players to deal massive damage amounts while dual-wielding and even regain health.

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