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Elden Ring: How to Get the Tree Sentinel Armor Set

The Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring allows players to ride into battle in one of the most iconic items in the game. Here’s where you can find it.

Elden Ring can be challenging to say the least. So it’s always great to search for the best armor for your playstyle.

Some may like playing as a Samurai, which excels at using a Katana like the Moonveil.

But others may choose to go for a much sturdier build that revolves around the Strength attribute.

You’ll need an exceptional range of heavy-hitting weapons for those types of builds.

You’ll also need armor that can withstand some massive hits, like the Tree Sentinel Armor.

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Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Helm

Where to Get Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring Location + Map

You’ll be able to find the Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Auriza Hero’s Grave in the Leyndell, Capital Outskirts.

Finding the Tree Sentinel Armor will require you to complete a puzzle in Auriza Hero’s Grave involving destroying the chariot trap.

The first thing you’ll want to do is make your way to Auriza Hero’s Grave. You’ll need to make your way to the eastern part of the Capital Outskirts to do this. If you reach the area with the Draconic Tree Sentinel, you’ve gone too far.

You need to head down where you’ll see a few bears. Stay to the right, and eventually, you’ll come across a room with an elevator.

Make your way down, and you’ll be inside Auriza Hero’s Grave. Rest at the Site of Grace, and I recommend using any runes you have because this next step may require utilizing a Memory of Grace.

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Armor Location

Finding all the Sites of Grace can be a lot! Check out our complete Site of Grace guide to make things easier for you!

How to Solve Chariot Puzzle in Auriza Hero’s Grave

To solve the Chariot Puzzle, you’ll need to make your way to the first chariot room.

There will be two chariots on opposite sides. The first chariot will spawn as you make your way down but don’t panic. Continue to make your way towards the right and take cover in an archway.

From here, you’ll see the second chariot ramp and middle ground. Your objective is to make your way to that middle ground and jump down one of the sides.

From here, you’ll need to defeat a few enemies and make your way through until you come across a second ramp, but this time there are two chariots.

Elden Ring Ramp Grave

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Carefully wait for the opportunity to go down.

You’ll want to make it to the bottom of the ramp and jump down into the beams down below.

The easiest way to do this is to run down and let yourself fall on the very corner of the edge closest to the upwards ramp.

Elden Ring Beam Location

This will ensure that you don’t fall to your death. Make your way down until the very last two beams. From here, you should see a skeleton near a ladder.

Head up this ladder and towards the pillar, spewing out fire. Hit this pillar, and it should begin to move.

Now you have a few options. Either make your way back to the top or use a Memory of Grace to teleport yourself back to the beginning instantly.

Now, make your way down again to the area where there were two chariots. A third chariot should spawn, destroying the other two.

After all of them are destroyed, you’ll be rewarded with the complete Tree Sentinel Armor Set and the Ash of War: Holy Ground.

Elden Ring Destroyed Chariot

And there you have it! One of the best Armor Sets in the game and one of the most glorious-looking ones.

Complete the Tree Sentinel Set

If you’re looking to complete the set, don’t forget to grab the Golden Halberd from the original Tree Sentinel!

And if you need some new weapons for your build, you might want to look for some Strength weapons that will suit your new armor!

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