The Golden Order Greatsword in Elden Ring is a fantastic option for your holy damage Faith build, but you won’t be able to find it until a lot later in the game.

There is nothing worse than having a great build for Elden Ring but finding that your weapon just isn’t doing the sort of damage that you would want.

Some weapons are worth redoing your whole build for. The Sword of Night & Flame can dish out massive damage in the form of a wave of fire and a Dark Comet. You might need to respec your character to meet the high INT and FAI stat requirements.

But if you’re looking for a weapon to complement the Holy incantations in your build, then look no further than the Golden Order Greatsword, one of the legendary armaments in Elden Ring.

Here is everything you need to know about it and where you can find it.

Don’t forget to level up your Mind to increase Focus Points to get more use out of your weapon skills!

Elden Ring Golden Order Greatsword Description

Golden Order Greatsword Weapon Skill – What Does it Do?

The Golden Order Greatsword has a unique weapon skill called Establish Order which allows it to send out waves of holy damage.

First, you will need 16 STR, 21 DEX, and 28 FAI to use the Golden Order Greatsword.

If you’ve made it this far into the game, chances are you’ve been leveling up your character enough to achieve the stat requirement quickly.

But if you need some extra runes, you can always check out the best rune farm spot in the game, Mohgwyn Palace.

The Weapon Skill itself will gallantly raise the Golden Order Greatsword and pulse out holy waves of magic. If you press the special ability button after making this move, it will send out waves of holy magic.

It’s excellent for clearing out large groups of enemies, especially in the Catacombs, where holy attacks increase damage to skeletal enemies and prevent them from respawning.

Golden Order Greatsword Weapon Skill

Where to Get Golden Order Greatsword in Elden Ring

Players will find the Golden Order Greatsword in the Cave of the Forlon in the Consecrated Snowfield.

To access this area, you’ll need to defeat Morgott the Omen King! It’s a tough battle, so make sure you are prepared.

Players will need to have two Stonesword Keys to enter this cave. A giant squidlike enemy protects it.

Once inside, players will need to navigate a series of tunnels to get to the Misbegotten Crusader boss fight; after defeating him, you will be rewarded with the Golden Order Greatsword.

Golden Order Greatsword Location + Map

Here’s the exact map location and a guide on navigating the Cave of the Forlon.

Golden Order Greatsword Map
  • Make your way to the Consecrated Snowfiled. To access this place you will need to complete the Haligtree Secret Medallion and ride the lift.
  • From here make your way north until you find yourself in a frozen river.
  • Turn east from here and follow the river down. You should see some crabs along the way.
  • You’ll find the Cave of the Forlon on your left side behind a giant squidlike beast.
  • Use your two Stonesword Keys and head inside the cave.
Golden Order Greatsword Location

Have you found all the legendary talismans? They can give your build a considerable boost if appropriately used.

  • Navigate your way towards a giant room full of rock formations with little ledges and snow.
  • From here you will need to find an entrance located on one of these ledges. You should be able to jump on these ledges from where you are.
  • There is another archway at the ground level of this area but that will only lead to some Smithing Stones.
  • Once you find this secret entrance you will need to start heading down.
  • Eventually you will find some Red Jelly Fish. This means you’re going the right away.
  • Keep heading down and eventually you will be face to face with the boss room.

How to Defeat Misbegotten Crusader

  • Enter it and defeat the Misbegotten Crusader to be rewarded with the Golden Order Greatsword.
Golden Order Greatsword Guide

Not quite ready to face the Misbegotten Crusader? You might want to try leveling up your Vigor attribute!

  • The Misbegotten Crusader is similar to the enemy you need to defeat to get the Grafted Greatsword, another great weapon.
  • The Misbegotten Crusader will be using the Golden Order Greatsword, so you’ll be able to see it in action before even wielding it.

And that’s how you get the Golden Order Greatsword! It’s excellent for dealing holy damage, which many of the late-game bosses are weak too, so it’s a great weapon if you’re looking to build an endgame faith crusader build.

Golden Order Greatsword Stats

If you’re looking for some new Incantations to accompany your new weapon, then you should give the Bloodflame Incantation a try.

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