If you’re looking for a particular item in Elden Ring, you’ll want to get the Silver Scarab Talisman to increase your item discovery!

Talismans are an important part of any Elden Ring player’s equipment. They weigh very little, but they can make a huge difference.

Many Talismans increase your combat abilities, whether it is helping you deal more damage or increasing your HP, FP, and stamina bars. However, some Talsimans have unique abilities that are extremely useful in certain situations.

While most players have heard of the Gold Scarab Talisman that massively boosts your rune collecting, the silver version of this insect charm is lesser-known.

Despite this, the Silver Scarab Talisman can be extremely useful when searching for particular items as it boosts your item discovery. Here’s where you can find it!

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Elden Ring Silver Scarab

What Does the Silver Scarab Talisman Do in Elden Ring?

The Silver Talisman massively boosts your Discovery attribute. This is very handy as it makes it much more likely for you to pick up loot from defeated enemies.

This Talisman, alongside the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot and increasing your Arcane stat can all boost your Discovery. This will make farming specific items from enemies much quicker.

These are some of the powerful items that will be much easier to farm with high Item Discovery:

Where to Find The Silver Scarab Talisman – Location + Map

You can find the Silver Scarab Talisma in the Hidden Path to the Haligtree. Follow these instructions to get this item:

Elden Ring Silver Scarab Location
  • First, you need to know how to get the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring.
  • After you’ve gathered both parts of the medallion and gone to the Grand Lift of Rold, you will have to walk through the Hidden Path to the Haligtree.
  • Walk along the path until you see a staircase going upwards on your left side.
  • Go up the first set of stairs and you’ll see a gap in the railings on your left.
  • Drop off the edge onto an invisible platform and walk left towards a hallway in the side of the wall.
  • Pick up the Grave Glovewort 9, hit the illusory wall, and get the Silver Scarab Talisman out of the chest.

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Elden Ring Silver Scarab Chest

And that’s how you get the Silver Scarab Talisman in Elden Ring. Good luck farming whatever rare item you’re after!

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Make sure to check out Kibbles‘ video below if you need more help locating the Silver Scarab Talisman in Elden Ring!

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