Royal Knight’s Resolve is already one of the very best Ashes of War in Elden Ring! Here’s where you can find it.

Ashes of War are some of the best items you can find in Elden Ring. This is because using them on your weapons can give you access to some very powerful skills.

One of the very best Ashes of War to equip is Royal Knight’s Resolve. What’s more, it seems to be totally broken right now and can make any boss in the game a breeze!

But what does Royal Knight’s Resolve do and where can you find it in Elden Ring?

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What is Royal Kight’s Resolve?

Royal Knight’s Resolve is a skill that increases the damage of your next hit by around 80%.

What’s more, this Ash of War can be applied to any melee weapon and the skill only costs 15 Focus Points. Plus, Royal Knight’s Resolve is reasonably easy to find, making it one of the best items to pick up for speedruns.

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Elden Ring Ash of War Royal Knight's Resolve

Royal Knight’s Resolve Ash of War Location + Map

You can get the Royal Knight’s Resolve Ash of War by a fireplace in Volcano Manor – here’s exactly how you can get to it!

Elden Ring Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace
The Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace is the nearest one to the Royal Knight’s Resolve Ash of War.
  • First, you’ll need to have a Stonesword Key and know how to climb Mt. Gelmir and get to Volcano Manor.
  • Once you’ve reached Volcano Manor, there’s a path you’ll have to follow to get to the Ash of War.
  • Use the hidden doorway in the Drawing Room of Volcano manor and follow the path over the roofs and past the lava to get to the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace. You will have to defeat or run past the Godskin Noble Boss!
  • Go up the lift on the right of the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace and follow the balcony around until you see a rock path next to the lava you can jump down to.
  • Jump down to the rocks and follow the path east, before jumping down to the left and hopping across the lava.
  • Next, jump through the broken window, open the door on the right, head up the stairs and follow the path on the right. This will take you to a room inside Volcano Manor.
  • Go through the door in the back right of the room, up the stairs and through another door.
  • Use your Stonesword Key to open the fog door and carefully walk dow the cages to the ground.
  • Finally, in the room ahead, there will be a fireplace. You can loot the Ash of War: Royal Knight’s Resolve from the body!
  • While you’re at Volcano Manor, also check out how to get the Blasphemous Blade!

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Ash of War Royal Knight's Resolve

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Also, be sure to check out Jaiko‘s video below to see the patch you have to take to get to Royal Knight’s Resolve.

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