The Rivers of Blood Katana is one of the most powerful weapons in Elden Ring – here’s exactly where you can find it in the Lands Between!

Elden Ring is tough, and every enemy can kill you if you’re not careful. However, having some powerful weapons will make every battle easier!

Whether you’re going for a samurai build in Elden Ring or just like Katanas, you can’t get much better than the Rivers of Blood.

Luckily, we’ve got the rundown on exactly what it does and where you can find it!

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What is The Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring?

The Rivers of Blood is a very powerful Katana in Elden Ring. Not only does it cause Blood Loss buildup, but it also has a powerful weapon skill, Corpse Piler.

Corpse Piler forms a blade of cursed blood for repeated, interweaving, successive attacks and does loads of damage, costing only 17 Focus Points.

Rivers of Blood Elden Ring

Additionally, the Rivers of Blood requires 12 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 20 Arcane, and its damage scales with these attributes too. Therefore, you’ll definitely want to get some Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade this unique weapon.

What’s more, it is pretty easy to get once you make some progress into the game.

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Where to Find Rivers of Blood Katana – Location + Map

You can get the Rivers of Blood in Elden Ring by defeating an NPC invader in Mountaintops of the Giants.

Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana Location

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Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana Bloody Finger

Also, if you need a video to help you along the way, be sure to check out Arekkz Gaming’s video about how to get the Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring too!

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