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Elden Ring: How to Get Icerind Hatchet – OP Speedrun Weapon Location

If you’re after the Icerind Hatchet in Elden Ring, look no further – here’s exactly where you can find it!

Elden Ring is very challenging game, however, this only makes players even more determined to speedrun it!

There are many options to choose from if you want one of the best early-game weapons in Elden Ring. However, at the moment, there are two in particular that speedrunners are using to breeze through the game.

The Icerind Hatchet is one of those as it gives you very early access to the completely OP Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War.

Luckily, getting this weapon is pretty simple and only takes a few steps. You can even go to get it straight away!

Also, make sure to find out how to get the Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring. This is the other best weapon in the game for speedruns!

Elden Ring Icerind Hatchet

Where to Find Icerind Hatchet in Elden Ring – Location + Map

You can find the Icerind Hatchet at Temple Quarter in Liurnia of the Lakes. Here’s how you can get it as soon as you step into the Lands Between!

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Elden Ring Icerind Hatchet Location Map

And that’s how you get the Icerind Hatchet in Elden Ring. To make sure it is as powerful as you need it to be to use in the late game, you need to know how to upgrade your weapons.

Not only will this increase the damage of your melee, but it will also make the Hoarfrost Stomp even more powerful.

Plus, if you need some backup in boss fights, make sure you know where to find the Mimic Tear Ashes Spirit Summon. It’s the most powerful summon in the game!

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