Here’s everything you need to know about the Gold Scarab in Elden Ring, including the Abandoned Cave you can find it in!

Elden Ring is a very complex and challenging game with a plethora of secrets. However, some of these secrets can actually make the game a bit easier for you!

Finding the best early-game weapons in Elden Ring is a great start to becoming a force to be reckoned with in Elden Ring but there are plenty more items you’ll want to find.

One of these is the Gold Scarab. This is one of the very best Talismans in the game as it lets you earn more runes!

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Elden Ring Gold Scarab Talisman

What is The Gold Scarab in Elden Ring?

The Gold Scarab is a legendary Talisman in Elden Ring that increases the number of runes you get for defeating enemies.

Using the Gold Scarab will increase the number of runes you get by around 20%. Therefore, this is an extremely useful Talisman to have as you can never get enough runes to level up.

If you’re aiming to reach the maximum level cap in Elden Ring then this talisman is a must. However, finding the Gold Scarab is a very difficult task.

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Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Map Location

Where to Get The Gold Scarab – Abandoned Cave Location + Map

You can find the Gold Scarab in the Abandoned Cave in Caelid. However, not only is the cave hard to find, but it is home to two dangerous bosses!

  • First, you’ll want to travel to the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace. This is in the west of Caelid, south of the Caelem Ruins and the telescope.
  • Next, head directly east until you reach a ravine.
  • There is the entrance to the Abandoned Cave in the wall of the ravine.
  • Walk across a fallen tree to get to the Abandoned Cave entrance, pick up the lantern inside and rest at the Site of Grace inside.
  • Work your way down into the cave. Be careful about the scarlet rot on the floor, so roll to get past it.
  • Take the left path, then jump down and turn right into a tunnel.
  • Follow this tunnel until you reach the boss.
  • Finally, you’ll have to defeat the two Cleanrot Knight bosses.
  • Killing them will give you the Gold Scarab!

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Elden Ring Gold Scarab Boss

Other Important Elden Ring Guides

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