Elden Ring players looking to increase mobility will need to add the Cinquedea dagger to their arsenal. But first, you’ll need to get some platforming done to find it!

Elden Ring is no stranger to exciting weapons that dive deep into the lore.

The Starscrouge Greatsword is an iconic Greatsword wielded by none other than Starscrouge Radahn himself, one of the most interesting characters in Elden Ring.

But unlike the Starscrouge Greatsword, which you can get by speaking to the Twins after defeating Radahn, other weapons, like the Moonveil Katana, can be harder to find.

The Cinquedea is one of them. It is a swift dagger, but its passive also allows you to boost your Beast Incantations.

Here’s where you can find this old tool used to celebrate the beast clergyman of Farum Azula.

Have you figured out where to deliver your Deathroot? Doing so can help you obtain the Beast Claw Incantation!

Cinquedea Throne Room Elden Ring

Where to Get Cinquedea in Elden Ring + Map

UPDATE: With the 1.03.02 Patch Update, players are once again able to use this route to access this location.

Players will be able to obtain the Cinquedea behind the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid:

  • Getting to it will require players to perform a bit of platforming. To start, head to the Bestial Sanctum in the northeastern area of Caelid.
Elden Ring Cinquedea Map
  • The Black Kindred Knight field boss will guard it, so be wary. You can quickly go around it while on your mount.
  • From the stairs, head to the left of the Sanctum and towards the cliff.
Elden Ring Cinquedea Beastial Sanctum
View from right above where the roots are located.
  • You should be able to see some roots over the cliff’s edge. Use these roots to begin your descent to the bottom.
Elden Ring Cinquedea Roots Location
The roots you’ll need to jump on to begin the descent.
  • You’ll need to jump on another set of roots and then onto the roof of a small building. From here, you will need to use the stone wall and pillars to navigate your way to the bottom.
  • Be careful because there will be some batlike creatures along the way that can hit you mid-jump and send you falling to your death.
Cinquedea Location Elden Ring

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  • Once you reach the bottom, make your way until you see a small area with four statues. One of the statues will be broken. You’ll find the Cinquedea here.
  • You can continue to make your way down this stone platform until you eventually find the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman, which boosts physical damage negation. A valuable item for any mage or sorcerer.
Elden Ring Final Cinquedea Location

Once you’ve done all these steps, you’ll have your hands on the Cinquedea and a fancy new talisman.

If you’re looking for another strong weapon with a little more range, then the Icerind Hatchet or the Sword of Night & Flame will be a few great choices for your build.

Elden Ring Cinquedea

And while you’re hunting for weapons, why not get your hands on the Golden Order Greatsword? One of the strongest holy blades in the game.

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