The Bloody Helice is one of the best weapons for bleed builds in Elden Ring – here’s exactly where you can get it!

Running a bleed build is very popular for Elden Ring players, thanks to the huge extra damage you can deal. However, with so many great bleed weapons to choose from, it is difficult to settle on just one.

One of the most overlooked weapons in all of Elden Ring is the Bloody Helice. It’s pretty big in comparison to other blood loss weapons, but it certainly packs a punch!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Bloody Helice and where you can get it in Elden Ring!

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Is the Bloody Helice Good in Elden Ring?

The Bloody Helice is a powerful Heavy Thrusting Sword in Elden Ring that can do some huge blood loss damage!

It is very good for both Arcane and Dexterity builds and has a unique skill, Dynast’s Finesse, which lets you dodge an attack and deliver a deadly follow-up.

Elden Ring Bloody Helice

Plus, you can boost the Bloody Helice’s blood loss by wearing the White Mask helmet and it works very well as a weapon in the best Elden Ring Vampire build!

Whether you’re focusing on Dexterity or Arcane, we have the right weapons for you:

Where to Find the Bloody Helice – Writherblood Ruins Location + Map

You can get Bloody Helice after defeating the Sanguine Noble in Writheblood Ruins at Altus Plateau.

  • First, you’ll need to know how to get to Altus Plateau in Elden Ring.
  • Next, head north to get to Writheblood Ruins.
  • Work your way down into ruins, either defeating or running past the skeletal slimes on the way to the boss.
  • Pro Tip: Make sure you equip a lantern before the boss room as it is very dark.
  • Finally, defeat the Sanguine Noble and you will get the Bloody Helice.
  • The Sanguine Noble can be very difficult. Dodge its attacks so you avoid building up blood loss and use this strategy to make killing any Elden Ring boss easy if you’re struggling.

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Elden Ring Writheblood Ruins Location Map

And that’s how you can get the Bloody Helice in Elden Ring. Make sure to level up your Arcane stat to boost the blood loss and make it even more deadly!

Elden Ring Bloody Helice Location

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