Bloodhound’s Step is one of the most powerful Ashes of War in Elden Ring – here’s how and where you can get it!

Elden Ring, like all FromSoftware games, is punishingly difficult. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you have all of the best gear to help you on your journey in the Lands Between.

In addition to the most powerful Spirit Ash Summon in Elden Ring, Ashes of War are another very helpful item you can find as they give you very strong weapon skills.

One of the very best Ashes of War is Bloodhound’s Step. But what does it do and where can you find it?

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What Does Bloodhound’s Step Do in Elden Ring?

Bloodhound’s Step is a very powerful Ash of War in Elden Ring that turns players invisible when they are dodging at high speed. Its skill also lets you move faster and travel further than standard quicksteps.

Elden Ring Bloodhound's Step

Once you know how to use Ashes of War in Elden Ring, you can equip this one to any melee weapon. Plus, it only costs 5 Focus Points to use!

Whatever build you’re running in Elden Ring, make sure you’ve got the best weapons for it:

Where to Find Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War – Location + Map

You can get the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War by defeating the Night’s Cavalry optional boss in Dragonbarrow.

Elden Ring Bloodhound's Step Location Map
  • First, fast travel to Lenne’s Rise in Dragonbarrow. You can grab the nearby Crystal Tear while you’re there!
  • Next, sit at the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace and choose to Pass Time until nightfall. The boss you need to defeat only appears at night.
  • Head slightly north to the bridge to the Night’s Cavalry boss.
  • Defeat the Night’s Cavalry boss.
  • Pro Tip: Use your horse to jump onto the tree above the bridge so the boss can’t reach you. Then use a ranged weapon or powerful sorcery to kill it from afar.
  • Beating the Night’s Cavalry will award you with the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War!

Also nearby is the best infinite rune farming spot in Elden Ring. Don’t miss it!

Elden Ring Ash of War Bloodhound's Step Night's Cavalry

Locations of Important Items in The Lands Between

If you need a bit more help then check out JeeNiNe Media‘s video on how to get Bloodhound’s Step in Elden Ring.

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