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Elden Ring: How to Get Beast Claw

The Beast Claw is one of the most potent Incantations that players will find in Elden Ring. But obtaining it might take some patience.

In Elden Ring, players are thrown in the Lands Between with only a few items. As they explore, they will find new items, weapons, and even spells.

Some will be stronger than others. The Beast Claw is one of those items. It’s an Incantation that players with high enough Faith will be able to learn and use against their foes.

Here’s how to get it.

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Elden Ring Beast Claw

Elden Ring: Beast Claw Location

Players can obtain the Beast Claw by delivering enough Deathroot to Gurranq, Beast Clergyman in the Bestial Sanctum.

This is easier said than done. But thankfully, we have everything you need to know to make it as easy as possible to obtain the Beast Claw in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Gurranq, Beast Clergyman

Players will find Gurranq, Beast Clergyman in the northeastern part of Caelid in the Bestial Sanctum.

Elden Ring Gurranq

Players can either make their way here on their mount or use a shortcut. During their travels, players will run into a character named D. You can usually find him around Saintsbridge.

The first time you meet him, you can fight him or just let him be. If you let him be, he will reappear later in the Roundtable Hold as an Incantations Merchant.

Bring D a Deathroot here. He’ll introduce you to Gurranq, Beast Clergy. Players that accept will have a red mark will mark the location of a portal that will transport you directly to him! It’ll take you to the exact spot where you find the Flask of Wonderous Physick!

Pretty handy for newer players since the Bestial Sanctum is one of the more challenging areas of the game.

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How to Obtain Deathroot

Deathroot is one of the key items in Elden Ring. Finding it can be pretty difficult.

Elden Ring Deathroot

To get your hands on one, a surefire method is defeating the Tibia Mariner field bosses, present at Summonwater Village, Wyndham Ruins, and Liurnia of the Lakes.

The Black Knife Assassin present in the Deathtouched Catacombs is also known to drop a Deathroot.

It seems that players will need to give 5 Deathroots to Gurranq, Beast Clergyman, to obtain the Beast Claw. However, reports indicate that the merchant will become hostile and attack you after the fourth Deathroot, causing you to need to beat him in combat.

After that, give him the fifth Deathroot to get your hands on the Beast Claw!

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Beast Claw Effects

The Beast Claw is one of the most potent Incantations in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Fextralife Clip

Players that use it will sink their hands in the ground and swipe up, causing five waves of claws to appear and continuously attack enemies.

The Beast Claw is a great AOE attack that can wipe out multiple enemies at once if used correctly. This is most likely why it is such a complex item to obtain.

It’ll require players to have their Faith at 8. If you’re not quite there, check out our guide to help level up your character.

Players looking to use Incantations need to ensure that they are using the proper class and upgrading the correct stats. Otherwise, they’ll find some spells will be unavailable to them.

Also, make sure you have enough Focus Points to pull off your spells!

If you’re still in Limgrave and looking for ways to help you on your journey, then check out our starter guide to help!

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